Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vintage snapshot of a man named Bachrach at Hough's Neck, probably Quincy, Massachusetts

Vintage photograph of a man standing along the shore during a storm.  His last name is given as Bachrach, and the location as Hough's Neck.

The identification is written in pencil, so might not show up too well on the scan.  Here is a transcription:

Hough's Neck during one of worst storms

There's also some handwriting in the upper right corner, but I can't quite decipher it.  Possibly "Gran 8051-2u"

There's a Hough's Neck in Quincy, Massachusetts, a peninsula named for Atherton Hough, who was granted the land in 1636 for a farm and orchard.

The man in the photograph appears to be at least middle age; there are several men with that surname living in eastern Massachusetts, let alone the wider area.

If you have any insights into the identification of the man in the photograph or if you recognize any of the blurred buildings in the background, please scroll down to the comments box at the bottom of this page or contact me directly.  Thanks for stopping by!

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