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Cabinet Photo of Ralph A. Doe, Milton, New Hampshire

Cabinet photograph of either Ralph A. Doe or his brother Chester Doe of Milton, New Hampshire.  Ralph died young, at twelve, but Chester died even younger, at two.  The child in the photograph appears older than two, so it is more likely Ralph.  The identification on reverse favors Ralph.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Ralph A. Doe was born 18 Jun 1897 in New Hampshire, the son of James F. and Edith (Whitman) Doe of Milton, New Hampshire.  Ralph died on 2 February 1910.  

James F. Doe, a farmer, was born 5 April 1872 in Milton, New Hampshire.   He married, first, Edith Whitman on 6 September 1896.  They had sons Ralph, Chester and Arthur.  Sadly, all died young, as did Edith herself on 5 May 1900.  

The parents of James F. Doe were Mark Dearborn Doe, born in Newfield, Maine,  and his wife Rachel (Home) Doe, I believe from Milton, New Hampshire, and the daughter of James and Huldah Home.  Mark Dearborn Doe and Rachel (Home) Doe were married on 31 January 1870, in Milton, New Hampshire.

I haven't yet determined the parents of Edith Whitman, or even if that was her maiden name.

On 28 July 1904, James F. Doe married Etta Martin, who was born about 1874 in Massachusetts, the daughter of Bartholomew and Margaret Martin.  James and Etta had a daughter, Rachel, who was born 13 February 1906 in Milton, New Hampshire.   

Rachel married Ralph W. Pugh, Sr.; note the "Rachel Pugh" in the identification on the reverse of the photograph.  Thankfully this child of James F. Doe had a very long life and raised a family.   Her obituary of December 2000 noted that she was survived by 13 great grandchildren and a great great grandson.  

Hopefully her father James, whose death date I don't know, lived long enough to enjoy his grandchildren.

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