Monday, September 27, 2010

Cabinet Photo of William A. and Amanda (Nixon) Sykes, by a Carthage, Illinois studio

Cabinet photograph of a couple identified as W. A. Sikes and his wife, the former Amanda Nixon.  The photograph was taken by the Sampson studio of Carthage, Illinois.

From online research, hopefully correct: corrections and additions requested:

W. A. Sikes is most likely William A. Sikes, born February 1859 in Missouri, the son of Ambrose and Hannah (Conyers) Sikes.   Ambrose Sikes was born about 1812 in New York and died March 1880 in Hancock, Illinois; I'm not sure if Hancock is the town or the county.  Hannah Conyers was born in April of 1833 in Missouri.  I haven't yet learned her background, if indeed she is the mother of William A. Sikes or if Conyers is her maiden name.

William A. Sikes married Amanda Nixon in 1899.  She was born in June of 1862 in Illinois, the daughter of James and Ruth (Mills) Nixon.  James Nixon was born in Pennsylvania about 1818; Ruth Mills was born about 1822 in West Virginia.  I haven't yet learned their backgrounds, including if Mills is Ruth's maiden name.

This photograph was found with a collection of photographs of people from Iowa and surrounding states.  Check the archives of this blog from September and October of 2010, as I slowly work my way through them.  Some of the people are definitely related; some prove to be tangentially related; some are apparently acquaintances.

If you have corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks for stopping by!

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