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CDV of Edward F. Weld, taken by A. Marshall Studio, Boston, Massachusetts

Carte de Visite of a boy identified on reverse as Edward F. Weld, 10 years; the CDV was made by A. Marshall studio, of 147 Tremont Street, Boston, Massachusetts.  I'm not positive about "F" as the middle initial.  Take a look yourself, at the scan below.

Also on the reverse, a bit clipped off, is this: Not a good likeness; he is brighter and happier looking.

Researching online, I found two possibilities for an Edward F. Weld, both of them Edward Franklin Weld, and closely related.  And then there is the possibility that his middle name was not Franklin; and that his middle initial was not even "F".  The Welds are a very large family, with many Edwards.

Possibility # 1, was Edward Franklin Weld, born 21 Nov 1851 at Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Edward Franklin Weld Sr. and his second wife Eliza Davis Bradlee.  This Edward Franklin Weld Jr. died on 22 September 1861, just shy of age ten, but the person who wrote the identification may have thought he was ten; he was in his tenth year.

[Edward Franklin Weld Sr. had been married earlier to Eliza's sister Abigail Ann Bradlee; they also had a son Edward Franklin Weld but that child died in infancy.]

Possibility #2 for the Edward Franklin Weld in the CDV was the son of Samuel Bradlee Weld and his wife Sophia L. (Burr) Weld.  Samuel Bradlee Weld, born  26 April 1842, was the son of Edward Franklin Weld Jr. and first wife Abigail Ann (Bradlee) Weld, and thus the older brother of the Edward Franklin Weld Jr, who had died in infancy.  

I haven't yet found the parents of Sophia (Burr) Weld, but a reference to her marriage gives her title as Miss and her residence as Charlestown [New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 17].  Samuel Bradlee Weld died 4 March 1873; I don't have the date of death for Sophia L. (Burr) Weld.

Samuel's son Edward Franklin Weld, born 19 August 1864 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, lived to adulthood, married an Emma from Maine and had at least one child, a daughter Constance, born in 1896 in Georgia.  He gave his occupation as Railroad Storekeeper in the 1910 Census of Queens, New York and as Agent in the 1910 Census of Queens, New York.  

In the 1920 Census, Emma and Constance are still living in Queens, New York; Emma listed herself as a widow.

Going back farther in time:

Edward Franklin Weld, Sr., was born 30 December 1814 in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Daniel and Hannah (Williams) Weld.  His paternal grandparents were David and Sarah (Davis) Weld.  I haven't yet learned the parents of Hannah Williams, or if Williams was indeed her maiden name.

Edward Franklin Weld, Sr., married, first,  Abigail Ann Bradlee, who was born 9 November 1821, the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Williams) Bradlee.  They had sons Samuel Bradlee Weld [father of Possibilty #2] and Edward Franklin Weld, previously mentioned, and daughter Elizabeth Davis Williams Weld.  Abigail Ann (Bradlee) Weld died 7 February 1847.  

Edward Franklin Weld, Sr., then married Abigail Ann's sister, Eliza Davis Bradlee, who was born 15 March 1820, the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Williams) Bradlee.  Edward Franklin Weld, Sr., and Eliza Davis Bradlee had a son, Edward Franklin Weld, possibility #1 above.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, or if you recognize the boy above from family albums, please scroll down to the comments box or contact me directly.

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