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Cabinet Photo of Beautiful Baby, Julia Jeannette Hart - by San Francisco, California studio

Cabinet photograph of an infant girl with an angelic smile, identified, on front, as Jeanette Hart, dau. Arch Hart; photograph taken by Mareau,  828 Market Street, San Francisco, California.  On the reverse her name is spelled Jeannette, and the photograph is dated Aug. 1896, when Jeannette was about a year old.

From online research, hopefully correct:

Julia Jeannette Hart or Jeannette Julia Hart was born in August of 1895 in California, the daughter of Archibald Coombs Hart, born in Maine in 1869 and his wife Nella Robinson (Lawrence) Hart, born in California on 11 May 1874.  Julia Jeannette Hart's paternal grandparents were Dr. Andrew Jackson Hart and his wife Sarah Ellen (Coombs) Hart, who moved from Maine to Modesto, California about 1869, apparently just after the birth of Archibald Coombs Hart.

Julia Jeannette's maternal grandmother was Margaret or Mary H., whose maiden name was possibly McNell or McNeil.  She was born in Canada.  As yet, I haven't found information on her husband, Nella's father.

I found a wonderful website on the home of Dr. Andrew Jackson Hart at Pacific Grove, California, to which the family moved about 1890.

In the 1900 Census, I find Julia J. Hart living in San Francisco with her parents, brother Frank Lawrence Hart, paternal uncle Charles Edwin Hart and maternal grandmother M. H. Hart. 

In the 1910 Census of San Francisco, I find Nella and son Frank Lawrence Hart living with Nella's mother Margaret H. and Nella's sister Nettie and husband Miles McIntosh.  Nella describes herself as a widow.  Julia Jeannette is not living with them.  Hopefully she is still alive, living with other relatives or at school, but so far I have found no further trace of her.  Her brother, Frank Lawrence Hart, married and raised a family.

Some additional information on the Maine connection:

Dr Andrew Jackson Hart was born 11 Jun 1832 in Maine, the son of Russell and Wealthy (Britton) Hart.  Russell Hart was born in Massachusetts in 1794, the son of Jacob and Jerusha (King) Hart.  Jacob Hart moved his family from Massachusetts to Maine in 1801.  

Wealthy Britton [or Brettan or Brettum] was born in 1797 in Massachusetts, the daughter of Nathaniel and Wealthy Field (Leonard) Britton of Raynham.  She married Russell Hart on 26 November 1820; I'm not sure if the marriage took place in Raynham, Massachusetts, or in Maine.  

Russell Hart operated a lumber mill on the lower Dedham Road in Holden, Maine, and was a noted and active citizen in civic affairs of the town.  Several of the original Harts to settle in Maine are buried at the Hart's Corner Cemetery, on Route 1A in Holden, Maine.

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