Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1903 pamphlet, Andover Congregational Church, Andover, Maine; many names

Cardstock, approx.  9-1/4" x 4-1/2", folded twice.  Congregational Church, Andover, Maine; contains information for services and activities from January 1 to July 1, 1903.

Two panels contain names of parishioners, transcribed below.  Click on the two scanned images below to see the entire image.


January 4, Florence Talbot
"          11, Rev. Samuel Holden
"          18, Rev. Samuel Holden
"          25, W. S. Newhall
Feb.       1, Sadie J. Bailey
"            8, Lillian A. Sampson
"          15, D. W. Barnes
"          22, J. L. Bailey
March   1, Mrs. J. F. Talbot
"           8, W. S. Newhall
"         15, Mrs. C. A. Andrews
"         22, Mrs. W. S. Newhall
"         29, Pastor
April    5, J. F. Talbot
"        12, Lavina E. Bailey
"        19, Mrs. D. W. Barnes
"        26, Miss A. M. Elliott
May     3, E. M. Bailey
"        10, M. A. Howard
"        17, Pastor
"        24, Mrs. J. L. Bailey
"       31, Mrs. M. A. Barnes
June   7, Mrs. M. A. Howard
"       14, Mrs. Francis
"       21, Floss Perkins
"      28, Pastor

Officers of the Andover Y. P. S. C. E., From Jan. 1 to July 1, 1903

President, E. M. Bailey
Vice President, D. W. Barnes
Secretary, Mrs. J. L. Bailey
Treasurer, Sadie J. Bailey


Dea. J. L. Bailey; E. M. Bailey; Lavina E. Bailey

Mrs. C. A. Andrews; Miss A. M. Elliott; D. W. Barnes

Sadie J. Bailey; Bertha Poor; Mabel French

Mrs. W. S. Newhall; Alice Poor; Helen Akers; Agnes Talbot; Eva Andrews

Bessie Gregg; Ellen Akers; Mrs. D. W. Barnes; Walter L. Bailey

Hopefully some of these names will resonate with you.  Thanks for stopping by!

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