Monday, September 20, 2010

Calling card of Jessie F. Damuth

Beautiful calling card of Jessie F. Damuth; at least I believe the middle initial is F.  Please let me know if you have a different interpretation.

I'm not sure to whom this card belonged, but there was a Jessie F. Damuth, born 1865 in New York, who married Morrow Ramsey Martin of Iowa.   

From online research, hopefully correct:

Jessie F. (Damuth) Martin was the daughter of Allen and Anna (Stephenson) Damuth of New York.  Her paternal grandparents were John and Anna (Weaver) Damuth or Demuth.  Her maternal grandparents were John and Mary (Graves) Stephenson, from where I don't yet know.

Morrow Ramsey Martin was born 11 January 1862 in Benton County, Iowa, the son of David Ellison Martin of Ohio and Iowa and his wife Rebecca (Wallace) Martin of West Virginia and Iowa.   His paternal grandparents were Robert L. Martin, born in Ohio, and Phoebe (Morrow) Martin, born in Pennsylvania; they both died in Iowa.  His maternal grandparents were Robert Wallace, born in West Virginia, and his wife Rebecca (Ramsey) Wallace, born in Pennsylvania; they moved to Iowa.

According to his obituary in the Waterloo Sunday Courier, Waterloo, Iowa of 16 September 1945, Morrow Ramsey Martin died 15 September 1945 in Vinton, Iowa.  He taught school in Iowa and then moved to Kansas for several years, where he was a farmer and then kept a general store.  He married Jessie F. Damuth in Oberlin, Kansas, 31 March 1897.  Later they moved back to Vinton, Iowa.  He was survived by his wife Jessie and two brothers, Robert and John.  

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the above information, and especially if you know of another Jessie F. Damuth, please scroll down to the comments box at the bottom of this page or contact me directly.  

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