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Framed Photograph of Henry Harrison Hare, born England, died Monticello, Maine

Framed photograph of Henry Harrison Hare, born about 1849 in England, who emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada, and eventually to Monticello, Maine, where he was a noted citizen.  He was the son of Henry Harrison and Mary Ann (Gentle) Hare of Gosberton, Lincolnshire, England.

The handwriting on reverse is against a gray background so you may not be able to make it out.  Here's a transcription:  Henry H. Hare, Uldene's grandfather on her mother's side of the family

Henry H. Hare married Mary Adelaide Kitchen in 1881 and raised a family.  I read somewhere online that he may have had a previous wife and child(ren) that he lost to scarlet fever.  I found a Mary Adelaide Kitchen, born abt 1860 in New Brunswick, whose father was Samuel, but I don't know if I have the right Mary Adelaide.  I had ruled her out when I found a reference online to the marriage of Henry Harrison Hare and Mary Adelaide Kitchen as 1871, which would have made her too young to be married in 1871.  Later, however, I found their marriage in the Drouin records, and it was 1881, which puts her back in play.

Henry and Mary Adelaide (Kitchen) Hare had 2 daughters and a son; the son died young.   One of their granddaughters is referenced on the back of the framed photograph. 

Interestingly, I had already researched the paternal grandmother of this granddaughter and recognized the unusual name.  Sure enough, it was the same person.  Consequently, I can show you a photograph of the granddaughter's paternal grandmother, Susanne M. (Cheney) Good.

Here's the back of that framed photograph:

Even though these were obviously identified by the same person, I came across them individually.  Just think - they perhaps were hanging on the same wall at some point!

Susanne M. (Cheney) Good was 22 November 1860 in Lindsay, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada, the daughter of Thomas B. and Ann "Nancy" (Bagley) Cheney.  She married Orrin Fred "Charles" Good, who was born about 1831 in New Brunswick, Canada, the son of James and Charlotte Good.  

Orrin Fred "Charles" and Susanne (Cheney) Good had a son, Orrin Lawson Good, born 21 January 1895, who married Henrietta Hare, the daughter of Henry Harrison and Mary Adelaide (Kitchen) Hare.   

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  1. Hi, I am Henry Harrison Hare's granddaughter. I saw my sister, Uldene's handwriting on the back of the photo. I have photos of the family and the bible that belonged to Mary Anee Gentle Hare. Also, the bible that she gave to her son, Henry Harrison Hare, upon te death of his first wife, Salome sweet and their three children. I would like to hear from you. Ae we related? I live in Florida. Joanne Hannon (pjhannon2@aol.com)

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I hope you got a thrill out of seeing your ancestors' photographs and your sister's handwriting. We are not related, as far as I know, though we both have a New Brunswick connection, so it's possible. The photograph of Susanne Cheney was in my mother's collection, but she doesn't remember a connection. Later on, I acquired the photo of Henry Harrison Hare and recognized some names from the Cheney family when I was researching him. Would you mind reading the family history above and sending any corrections my way? It was interesting to read in your comment the confirmation that Henry had been married before and tragically lost his family. Also, do you know if the Bibles' family records pages have been scanned and put online, so that I could link to them? There's a page for Susanne Cheney at the Maine and Maritime Canada Genealogy network. I'll make one for Henry, as well. http://downeastmainegenealogy.ning.com/page/susanne-mary-cheney-b-1860-new Thanks again for commenting.

  3. The mother and children died of diphtheria and measles according to the newspaper notification of their death.

    1. Sad to hear this, but I do appreciate your taking the time to comment.