Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photograph of Young Man Identified as Lee Kerstetter

Photograph of a young man identified on reverse as Lee Kerstetter.  There's no photographer's imprint to give a hint at locale.

Researching online, I found two possibilities for Lee Kerstetter, and there are probably more.  Here are the two that I found, with information that is hopefully correct:

1)  Robert Lee Kerstetter, born 30 September 1873 in Ohio, the son of Christian and Elizabeth Kerstetter.  Robert Lee Kerstetter's paternal grandparents were Christian and Nancy (Barger) Kersetter.  I haven't yet learned about the parents or maiden name of Elizabeth.

2)  Bert Lee Kerstetter, born 28 Jan 1884 in Bradford, Pennsylvania, the son of James and Sarah Ann Reichelduffer.  His paternal grandparents were Samuel and Mary (Boone) Kerstetter.  His maternal grandparents were Samuel [or Saul] and Mary Reichelduffer.

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