Tuesday, September 7, 2010

19th Century Family Photo, Elmer & Hattie Parker, Jacob & Helen Brown and children

Wonderful family photograph; no photographer's imprint to give a clue to locale.   Possibly Maine or New England, but could be from anywhere.

Someone has handwritten identifications at the bottom of the photograph; surnames are Parker and Brown.

The people in the photograph consist of:

  • Elmer & Hattie Parker (I'm assuming they're the older couple - ??)
  • Jacob & Helen Brown (could Helen be the daughter of Elmer & Hattie?)
  • Ralph
  • Adelaide
  • Mary
  • Roxie D.
  • Hazel P.
I tried searching online to tie these folks together and perhaps come up with the proper extended family, if that is indeed what this photograph represents.  No luck so far, so I'm hoping that a reader will recognize these names from family research and enlighten me.

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