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Cabinet Photo of child Rosa Pearl Landes, who later married Dr. Chancey Lee Brittell of Chariton, Iowa

Cabinet photo of, possibly, two sisters, one of which is identified on reverse as the future wife of Dr. Brittell of Chariton, Iowa.  The photograph was taken by Needham's Elite Studio, Chariton, Iowa.

The wife of Dr. Chancey Lee Brittell of Chariton, Iowa, was Rose or Rosa Pearl Landes, born 6 August 1878 in Chariton, Iowa, the daughter of Joseph Root (or Roof or Rufus, as he is sometimes called) Landes and his wife Marilda Caroline (Duckworth) Landes. 

Rose had two sisters: Louisa Caroline, born 7 Feb 1862, and Grace Minnie, born 4 April 1876.  Assuming Rose and the other girl are sisters, Louisa Caroline would seem to fit the bill.

From online research, hopefully correct:

The paternal grandparents of Rose Pearl and Louisa Caroline Landes were Joseph and Mary Eva (Root or Roof) Landes of Pennsylvania and later Iowa.  Their maternal grandparents were John M. Duckworth, born in North Carolina and died in Iowa, and Sophia (Peck) Duckworth, born in Kentucky and died in Iowa. 

Rose Pearl Landes, as mentioned above, married Chancey Lee Brittell, born 11 May 1882 in Iowa, the son of Benjamin Franklin Brittell and his second wife Mary Beggs.  His paternal grandparents were Sylvester and Mary (Green) Brittell of Vermont.   As for maternal grandparents, I've been unsuccessful in finding the parents of Mary Beggs, or even if Beggs was truly her maiden name.  

Dr. Chancey Lee Brittell was a physician at Chariton, Iowa.  I found this reference to his death in the Journal of the American Medical Association, issue of 3 May 1947:

Chancey Lee Brittell ® Chariton, Iowa; State University
of Iowa College of Medicine, Iowa City, 1907; served as county
physician and county coroner; on the staff of St. Joseph's Hospital, Ottumwa ; died February 15, aged 64, of coronary sclerosis.

Following Chancey and Rose throughout the Censuses did not reveal any children for them, though there may have been.

As for Louisa Caroline Landes, hopefully the older girl in the photograph:  she married Daniel Alexander Kelsey, or Alexander Daniel Kelsey, who was born July 1858 in Iowa, the son of  Daniel Kelsey and his wife Martha (Hall or Hill) Kelsey.   His paternal grandparents were William and Demis (Goff) Kelsey or New England and later Indiana.  His maternal grandparents were Jesse Hall of North Carolina and Iowa and his wife Mary E. (Mason) Hall of Kentucky and Iowa.

Daniel Alexander and Louisa Caroline Kelsey had at least two daughters, Myrtle and Grace; there may have been more children.

If you have any corrections, additions or insights regarding the information presented above, please scroll down to the comments box at the bottom of this page or contact me directly.   This photograph came with others that appear to be related, and I'll research some of them in future posts.

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