Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Early 20th Century Photograph of Surry, Maine High School students & teacher Mr. Shorey

Photograph of teacher and students at Surry High School in Surry, Maine.  All are identified on the reverse.  Note that Mr. Shorey has a missing hand or arm.   The photograph was taken by Guy Linwood Carter (1895-1975) of the Photo Shop of Blue Hill, Maine.

Also on the reverse is indication that this photograph belonged to one of the students, Harvey C. Saunders.  Another note indicated that the photographer, Guy Linwood Carter, was the son of Irving and Bertha Carter.

Surry High School
Back Row
  •    Mr. Shorey, teacher
  1. Raymond Cunningham
  2. Ethel Kane   [presumably Athol M. Kane - click here for more information]
  3. Mildred Lord  [Mildred Laura Lord; married James Donald Cunningham]
  4. Ethel Lord  [Ethel Marie Lord; married William Potter Leonard]
  5. Myra Lord (Whitney)   [husband, Frank L. Whitney]
  6. Lena Ells (Billings)   [husband, James A. Billings]
  7. Kane ?
  8. Alice Coulter (Conary)   [husband, Vespation A. Conary]
  9. Fred Cunningham
  10. Hope Joy (Ingalls)   [husband, Edgar W. Ingalls]
  11. Harvey Saunders
  12. Horace Turner
  13. Charles Treworgy
  14. Lucy Rankins (Candage) [Lucy Rankin; husband, Walter B. Candage
Perhaps a reader will have more information on the teacher, Mr. Shorey, and leave a comment.


  1. Horace Turner was lost at sea in September 1925 on the coasting schooner, NELLIE GRANT, captained by Newell Kane of Surry. Also lost was Justus Mellow, of Surry, who was only 17 and on his first journey to sea. All hands were lost.

    1. Thank you for adding this information about poor Horace and Justus. Was Newell Kane related to Athol? And did Newell perish as well?