Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oversized Business Card of Dunn Brothers, Lumber Merchants, Ashland, Maine - George Bancroft Dunn and Elbridge Gerry Dunn, Jr.

Oversized business card of the Dunn Brothers, Lumber Merchants, and Dealers in Lumbermen's Supplies, Etc., Ashland, Maine, Aroostook County.  In the top left corner: G. B. Dunn.  In the top right corner: E. G. Dunn, Jr.

George Bancroft Dunn and Elbridge Gerry Dunn, Jr. were the sons of Elbridge Gerry Dunn and his wife Louisa M. (Brackett) Dunn.  

George Bancroft Dunn was born 18 Jun 1849 at Ashland, Maine.  He married Lucinda Rich Cushing, who was born at Frankfort, Maine, in May 1851, the daughter of Andre and Delia (Rich) Cushing.  Their children were:
  • Louise Cushing Dunn, born 7 Jul 1878, graduated Radcliffe College, married Robert William Sawyer, son of Robert William and Martha (Paul) Sawyer of Bangor, Maine.  Robert William Sawyer Jr. graduated from Harvard College and became a lawyer in Boston, Massachusetts.  They raised at least two children.
  • Deborah Briggs Dunn, born 14 May 1880, married Dr. H. M. Chapman of Bangor, Maine; they had a son, George D. Chapman
  • George Elbridge Dunn, born 22 March 1883, worked in business with his father
George Bancroft Dunn rated a few paragraphs in George Thomas Little's Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, published in 1909.  He was 80 years of age, living in Houlton, Maine, in the 1930 Census.  I'm not sure of his date of death.

Elbridge Gerry Dunn, Jr. was born in April 1859 in Maine.  He was married twice; his first wife Alice M. Hooper, whom he married in 1893, was dead by the time of the 1900 Census enumeration.  In that Census, he was living in Ashland, Maine, with his two daughters, Marjorie and Mertie, as well as numerous boarders and servant boarders.  

One of the servant boarders was Louise May Gerry [enumerated as Gary], who would become his wife in 1903.   Elbridge Gerry Dunn,Jr. died 4 January 1904.   I have no information on the parents of either Alice M. Hooper or Louise May Gerry.  

In the 1910 Census of Winchester, Massachusetts, Marjorie and Mertie were living with their father's sister Mary (Dunn) Johnson and her husband Edward J. Johnson.  I lost track of them after that.

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  1. Thank You for this posting Pam. It solved a question for me about the Physician listed on my fathers birth certificate from Ashland on 18 July 1903. It listed my father Robert Keene, his parents John W(Willis) Keene, Mother Martha Page,Physician H. M. Chapman and W. P. Bridgham Clerk. Your article listed the Dr. H. M. Chapman
    with a bit of additional info.That is all I have found on the Dr. to date.
    Ernest Keene

  2. Glad that I could help! I found a Henry M. Chapman, M.D. living at Bangor, Maine, in the 1900 Census. He was the son of Milton C. Chapman and Rosina (Newcomb) Chapman. Here's a bit from a book on google:
    Interestingly, I note that Dr. Henry M. Chapman married Deborah C. DUNN - hmmm! Their marriage record shows the Dr. to be living at Ashland, and the bride at Houlton. This was in 1904, after your father was born. I may have some time today to do some followup on Dr. Chapman and perhaps learn how he happened to be practicing at Ashland.

  3. Should have read the blog post more thoroughly. Yes, it appears that Dr. Chapman married Deborah Briggs Cushing Dunn, a daughter of G. B. Dunn (George Bancroft Dunn), one of the proprietors mentioned on the card. Her mother, Lucinda Briggs Cushing, was born at Winterport, Maine, next to Newburg where Dr. Chapman was born, so there might have been a family or friend relationship between the families that allowed the couple to meet?? According to the Directory of Deceased American Physicians, Dr. Chapman was an allopath, who received his education at Hampden Academy, New York University Medical College and Univ of the City of New York. Here's a biography of him:
    Hope this helps!