Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mildred Laura Lord in a Photograph of Students and Teacher at Surry High School, Surry, Maine

Assuming I've correctly interpreted the identification key to a photograph of students and teachers at Surry High School at Surry, Maine, the young woman or girl above is Mildred Laura Lord. 

The photograph was taken by Guy Linwood Carter of the Photo Shop of Blue Hill, Maine. See another post that features the photograph and the identification key.

From brief online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and/or additions welcome!]

Mildred Laura Lord was born on June 27, 1897 at Surry, Maine, the daughter of Howard C. and Mary A. (Springer) Lord.  On June 14, 1922 Mildred married James Donald Cunningham, then living at Guilford, Maine.  James, born on July 25, 1898, was the son of Fred W. Cunningham and Cora A. (Hobbs) Cunningham.

I believe Mildred and James stayed at Guilford, at least long enough to raise their family.   Mildred died in 1983; James had predeceased her in 1975.  

Surry, Maine; and Guilford, Maine

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