Thursday, July 29, 2010

Legate Family of Charlemont, Massachusetts, Photos of Ida Brackett Legate & her sons Philip & Harry

Carte de Visite, above, of Ida Luana (Brackett) Legate, born 11 September 1867, in Hawley, Massachusetts.
Above, reverse of CDV of Ida Luana (Brackett) Legate.  Scroll down for photos of her sons Philip and Harry.

Gathered from online research, hopefully correct: Ida Luana Brackett was the daughter of William Henry and Malinda (Larkins) Brackett of Massachusetts.  She married Fred D. Legate, who was born in Colrain, Massachuestts, in December of 1869, the son of Benjamin Franklin Legate and his wife Jane McClellan (Stetson) Legate.

Ida and Fred were the parents of, from what I've been able to determine so far, two sons and a daughter, Harry, Philip and Bessie.  Below, a photo of their son Philip as a tot:

Below, reverse of photograph of Philip Legate:

Below, a wonderful photograph of Harry Legate and two other boys, Charles Bowker and Frank Wells.  I'm wondering if the mat once held a little calendar below the photograph - there was something pasted there in the past, now gone, but the ring for handing is still there, as you can see.  

Below, reverse of photograph of Harry Legate, Charles Bowker and Frank Wells.

Hopefully, these heirlooms have meaning for you.  If you have information to share on the Brackett or Legate families, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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  1. This photo of Harry Legate was taken behind what is presently the Charlemont Town hall. It is the large brick building in the background. There appear to be headstones in the background, which is odd, since there is not a cemetary there now.

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