Monday, July 26, 2010

CDV of Frederic Augustus Morse-Boycott, Gentleman Commoner, Hertford College, Oxford

Carte de Visite  of F. A. Morse-Boycott, Gentleman Commoner, late Magdalen Hall, Hertford College, Oxford, England.

Note as of December 2019: The comments section contains more information on Frederic Augustus Morse-Boycott.

It seems likely that the man in the Carte de Visite is Frederic Augustus Morse-Boycott, born 30 December 1849 in Palgrave, Suffolk, England, the son of John Hall Morse-Boycott and his wife Matilda.  On 19 February 1879, he married Octavia Mary Anketell, who was born in 1853 in Ireland, the daughter of Matthew John and Francis Anketell.  

Apparently Frederic Augustus Morse-Boycott received his education at Hertford College, Oxford.  I found some references to him as a landowner in Kessingland, Suffolk, but his address was given as London.

If you have any information about the Morse-Boycott or Anketell families, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. The Boycott of the surname was the same family as the Boycott whose actions in Ireland led to the term being added to the English language.

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  3. Morse-Boycott, Frederic Augustus,
    only child of late John Hall Morse-
    Boycott (ek 1874), Sennowe Hall, Norfolk:
    b. 1849 ; m. 1879, Octavia Mary, 5 dau.
    of late M. J. Anketell, Ancketill’s Grove,
    co. Monaghan : 84 Earl’s court rd. Ken-
    sington W. ; Oxford and Cambridge ;
    Sennoweville, Bushey, Herts. ; Sennowe
    Hall, Gt. Ryburgh, Norfolk. (from Kelly's Directory)

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