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1906 postcard of Sanborn's Beach, Milbridge, Maine seashore, addressed to Belle A. Stevens, Bangor, Maine

Postcard postmarked 1906 addressed to Belle A. Stevens, Bangor, Maine, from her husband Byron W. Stevens.

See another post featuring a postcard sent by Byron to Belle in 1909.  That postcard has a scene of the Mousam River at Springvale.

The postcard above shows a scene of the rocky shore at Sanborn's Beach.  The scene is identified as Milbridge, Maine, but, interestingly, the postmark reads Millbridge.  The postcard was sent by "B. W.". 

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections welcome!]

Byron W. Stevens was born 6 June 1860 at Steuben, Maine, son of Pillsbury and second wife Ann M. (Smith) Stevens.  I believe his paternal grandparents were Jonathan P. and Abigail (Perry) Stevens.  His maternal grandparents were Justus and Mary (Allen) Smith.

On 21 September 1885 at Ellsworth, Maine, Byron W. Smith married Isabelle A. Blaisdell, "Belle", daughter of Albert Gallatin Blaisdell and Harriet Pearl (Black) Blaisdell.  Isabelle was born about October 1865.

Her paternal grandparents were George W. and Frances (Witherspoon) Blaisdell.  Her maternal grandparents were John G. and Hannah H. (Pinkham) Black.

By the time of the 1900 Census, Byron, Belle and daughter Frances Witherspoon Stevens (born 8 April 1888 at Ellsworth, Maine) were living at Bangor, Maine, along with Byron's mother Ann.  Byron was working as a life insurance agent.  

By 1910, the family was still at Bangor, Maine, and Byron was working as a traveling drug salesman.  Byron's mother Ann was no longer with them; she had died in 1906 at Bucksport, Maine.

By the time of the 1920 Census, Byron and Belle had moved to Sullivan, Maine.  Byron was still a traveling salesman.  Their daughter Frances had moved to Ohio by this time, having married Edwin Samuel Alton at Bangor, Maine, on 3 October 1912.

If you have any corrections or additions to the information provided above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

Steuben, Maine [zoom out one click to see Sullivan, Maine, two clicks to see Ellsworth, Maine, and three clicks to see Bangor, Maine]

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