Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Card with Photos of 3 Women in Capitolian Trio, Augusta Maine; Lena Beane; Louise B. Robinson; Harriet H. Matthews

Cardstock piece, approx. 5-1/4" x 4/1/4" advertising the Capitolian Trio, Augusta, Maine, comprised of three women: Lena Beane, Pianist and Organist; Louise B. Robinson, Vocalist; and Harriet H. Matthews, Dramatic Reader.

From brief online research, hopefully correct - corrections and additions requested!

Lena Bean, a music teacher, was born January 24, 1870 at Lee, Maine, the daughter of Joshua Fillebrown Beane and Lydia (Crandlemire) Beane.  On March 10, 1909 at Bangor, Maine, Lena married merchant George W. Dunning, son of Robert B. Dunning and Frances S. (Garland) Dunning.

Louise Buck Robinson was born about 1868, the daughter of George M. Robinson and May Louise (Knowlton) Robinson.  On June 25, 1903 at Augusta, Maine, Louise married Fred Royce Fife, son of Seth Wyman Fife and Eliza Gordon (Farrington) Fife.

Harriet Holmes Matthews was born about December 1870 at Hampden, Maine, the daughter of Samuel Worcester Matthews and Mary A. (Webb) Matthews.  On July 12, 1899 at Bangor, Maine, Harriet married Sherman I. Graves, son of Charles E. Graves and Mary Jane (Randall) Graves. 

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