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1940 High School Graduation Mementos, Calais Academy in Calais, Maine; owned by Erma O. Ayer

Souvenir booklet of the Class of 1940 of Calais Academy in Calais, Maine, with handwritten activities and names, plus a program for Class Day, 1940, held at the Gymnasium, Tuesday, June 11.  

This souvenir booklet belonged to graduate Erma O. Ayer.

See another post that features the commencement program for the Class of 1940.

The cover of the souvenir booklet is shown above.  It was printed by the Thomas D. Murphy Company of Red Oak, Iowa, with spaces for graduates to write in activities and classmates' names.    Below, inside front cover and tissue covering the title page:

Title page, below, showing Erma's name, the Class Officers, Class Flower, Colors, Song, Yell and Motto.  The Class Officers were 
  • Richard Frost, President
  • Lois Phelan, Vice President
  • Joice Lyons, Secretary
  • Francis O'Hara, Treasurer

The next two pages are blank but show remnants of glue that held programs for Commencement and Class Day.  The Class Day Program, which contains many names, is still inside, though unglued. It appears at the end of this post.

The next two pages, below, are entitled Festivities and Activities.  The Festivities page apparently had something glued to it at one time, but it's missing.  The Activities page has some handwritten entries pertaining to Erma O. Ayer's school career, including membership in the National Honor Society.

The next 4 pages, in two images, show 4 pages of classmates' names, all appearing to be in Erma's handwriting.  

The next two pages, below, are entitled, at left, Teachers, and at right,  Reminiscences.

  • Mr. Fred A. Tarbox
  • Mr. Harland L. Keay
  • Miss Mary E. Bates
  • Miss Elspeth N. Larner
  • Miss Mary H. Fleming (Best of All)
  • Mrs. Laura P. Jackman
  • Miss Phyllis M. Dimitre
  • Mr. Merle C. Brown
  • Miss Eleanor Andrews
  • Miss Agnes C. Fleming
  • Marguerite Wilson
  • William O'Neill
  • Mr. Scovil
  • Miss McPherson
  • Mr. Hamilton
  • Miss Murchie
  • Miss Hanson
  • Mr. Hitchens
  • Miss Walker
  • Miss Cole

The next image, below, shows the last page, which carries a printed message from George B. Bates, The Diamond Store, Calais, Maine, and the tissue covering the blank inside back cover.

The next two images are of the Class Day Program, mentioned further above, too long for just one scan:

Names above, in order:
  • Richard Frost
  • Joyce Lyons
  • Henry Gillespie
  • Evie Bagley
  • Dexter Simpson
  • Mildred Fox
  • Lois Phelan
  • Charles Moffatt
  • James Marraty
  • Beryl Wheeler
  • Maxine Thomas
  • Erma Ayer
  • Dorothy Bartlett
  • Douglas Hitchings
  • Marion Matthews
  • Dorothy McMillan
  • Norma Moreside
  • Jacqueline Porter
  • John Ross
  • Robert Eaton
  • Miss Marguerite Wilson
  • Mr. Frank Lane
  • Kathleen Bridges, '42
  • Charlotte Saunders, '42
  • Madge Campbell, '41
  • Lois Cawley, '41
  • Phyllis Connell, '41
  • Christine Fitzsimmon, '41
  • Eleanor Gordon, '41
  • Doris Noble, '41
  • Faye Smith, '41
  • Hazel Sprague, '41

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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