Monday, July 5, 2010

Interesting old Photo: Antique Auto, Horse-Drawn Carriage, Moxie Sign in Window

This vintage photograph is a study in contrasts.  It shows an antique automobile and a horse-drawn carriage, both parked in front of a store, in what appears to be a rural setting.   Unfortunately, there's no indication of locale.  

Someone has written in a contemporary hand with red ink on the reverse: "Moxie Sign in window".

Perhaps it's the elderly owner of the store at the reins and his wife in the automobile, showing off the results of their lifetime of endeavor?   The photograph was purchased in Maine, but I don't know if this is a Maine photograph or a photograph that found its way to Maine to become part of the collection of a Moxie fan.

The Moxie sign is in the bottom left (as viewed in the photo) window just below the midline, in the left pane.   Some of Moxie's fans of the past include Calvin Coolidge, E. B. White and Ted Williams.  Here's a link to the Moxie history and the annual Moxie Festival, held at Lisbon Falls, Maine.

If you have some insights into this photograph, I'd love to hear them.  Thanks for stopping by!

A map of Lisbon Falls, Maine:

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