Monday, July 12, 2010

1930s era Memento from Radio Glory Days: Greatest Radio Show on Earth!

Vintage memento of the Greatest Radio Show on Earth, sponsored by Pebeco Tooth Paste, Lysol Disinfectant and Hinds Honey & Almond Cream.  Probably dating from the 1930s.

Appearing on the Radio Show were: Irene Dunne; John Charles Thomas; Katharine Hepburn; Lily Pons; George Gershwin; Wheeler & Woolsey; Mischa Elman; Frances Alda; Kaufman & Connolly; Joe Cook; Clarence Buddington Kelland; Rosa Ponselle; Helen Hayes.

"Tune In Every Sunday Night on NBC (Red) Network; Coast to Coast at 10:30 Eastern Std Time [9;30 Central - 8:30 Mountain - 7:30 Pacific Coast

Hinds Honey and Almond Cream - Pebeco Tooth Paste - Lysol Disinfectant

Leading Stars of Stage and Screen for the Leading Products in their Fields

Jan. 7 - Katharine Hepburn - the Newest Screen Sensation!
Jan. 14 - Lily Pons - Youngest Star of the Metropolitan Opera.
Jan. 21 - Bert Wheeler - Robert Woolsey - Movieland's Comedy Stars first time on the air.
Jan. 28 - Rosa Ponselle - America's Own Great Operative Prima Donna.
Feb. 4 - George Kaufman - Marc Connolly - Celebrated Playwright and Composer of 'Of Thee I sing' and "Green Pastures' Pulitzer Prize Winning Play.
Feb. 11 - Helen Hayes - The Darling of the Stage and Screen.
Feb. 18 - George Gershwin - Creator of 'Rhapsody in Blue'...In thirty minutes of his own music.
Feb. 25 - Mischa Elman - World Renowned Violinist.
Mar. 4 - Clarence Buddington Kelland - Popular American Author and Humorist.
Mar. 11 - John Charles Thomas - America's Beloved Baritone.
Mar. 18 - Joe Cook - THE COMIC.
Mar. 25 - Irene Dunne - Beloved of the Movie Millions
Apr. 1 - Frances Alda - Famous Lyric Soprano.

Hopefully, you will find this memento meaningful.  Thanks for stopping by!

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