Saturday, May 29, 2010

Very Old Photo, Possibly Devil's Head, Calais, Maine

I purchased this photograph with another that showed the long-gone DeMonts Hotel in the Red Beach area of Calais, Maine.  I was told that this was probably a view of Devil's Head, a high headland along the St. Croix River, but I can't guarantee that.   There are other areas in Maine that would could fit the bill, including several on Mount Desert Island, partial home of Acadia National Park.

But I'd rather think this is Devil's Head, which stands 340 feet above the river.  If so, it's possible that Samuel de Champlain himself might have stood on the same cliff, which would overlook the settlement he attempted in 1604 on St. Croix Island.  Some say that the name Devil's Head is derived from Sieur D'Orville, who accompanied Champlain on his expedition, but I've heard a couple other explanations as well.

Devil's Head has been preserved and has a network of hiking trails.

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