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Newspaper article about 1910 Graduation of Bangor High School, Bangor, Maine

June 14, 1910 clipping, probably from a Bangor, Maine, newspaper.


Bangor High School Class of 1910 in Interesting Exercises Friday

The graduation exercises of the class of 1910, Bangor High school will take place on Friday night in City Hall.  The class numbers 109 and, of course, it is 'the best class that ever graduated'.  The exercises will be as interesting as ever and the class upon the stage will make the same pretty picture as of yore.  Parents and friends will be on hand in large numbers to listen to the fine program that will be presented.

"The complete membership of the class follows:
Sarah R. Allen
Guy S. Bachelder
Lester G. Banks
Marjorie E. Beane
Estelle Beaupre
Fred Benner
C. Mildred Beverly
Walter R. Blaisdell
Marjorie R. Bowman
Gail M. Brackett
Thomas B. Bragg
J. Joseph Brennan,
Neal E. Brennan
William Burns
Andrew M. Buttlerfield [ Andrew M. Butterfield ?]
Helen Edith Cadwell
Madeline A. Callan
Deane Worster Clement
Ethel P. Carlisle
William F. Casey
Roland E. Close
Vera G. Colburn
Annie M. Coughlan
Ethel J. Cross
Isabelle Crowley
Edward Dore
Sarah Dwyer
George F. Eaton
Ethel M. Emery
Mary F. Fahey
Robert E. Ferry
Dorrice Field
Kathleen Fleming
Isabel C. Foster
Marjorie Frank
Frank A. Frawley
Leslie Frost
Helen Gallagher
Francis T. Garland
Beatrice E. Gates
Bernice C. Gates
Janie Girvan
Fannie Golden
Beatrice A. Grant
Charlotte A. Griffin
Georgia R. Grindle
Robert L. Hamilton
Florence B. Hamm
Alden B. Hayes
Eugene F. Hickson
Annette D. Higgins
Elsie Hutchins
Hoyt Ingraham
Fannie E. Ireland
Ethel R. Johnson
W. Alonzo Johnson
Helen M. Jones
Heywood Jones
Jennie Kaminsky
Frances King
Roland D. Lancaster
Gladys E. Landregan
Louise M. Lee
Charles W. Leonard
E. Gale Littlefield
Edward M. Loftus
Nicholas Makanna
Preston A. Mann
Carl W. Maxfield
Mary E. McEwen
Mary E. McManus
Ethel McNeil
Richard E. Moore
Marion E. Mower
Ardelle E. Murch
Marjorie Murray
Elva Orcutt
Hilda M. Osborne
Helen F. Page
Margaret A. Parker
Anna Peavey
Earl Perry
Olivia J. Peters
Lynette Philbrick
Wendell C. Piper
Madeline A. Richardson
Madeline Shea
Isabel Sheehan
Christina Shine
Ruth Sinnott
Harold Sinnott
Cecile Smart
Marjorie Smiley
Guy V. Smith
Hazel Smith
Julia W. Smith
J. Irene Spencer
James T. Sullivan
Ethel Taylor
Arthur H. Teeling
Celia F. Tibbetts
Elsie D. Tibbetts
Mary A. Toole
Gertrude E. Triplett
Edward Trowell
Oena G. Vining
Marion Welch
Florence Weymouth
Gladys E.Whitney"

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