Friday, May 14, 2010

1894 Graduating Exercises, Grammar School, Andover, Massachusetts

Graduating Exercises of The Grammar School, Town Hall, Andover, Massachusetts, Friday, June 29, 1894, at 3 o'clock.

Salutatory, Edith H. Valpey
Song "Like the Lark", Girls of the Graduating Class
Recitation, "New England Weather", Joseph L. Burns
Recitation, "One Niche the Highest", Ada G. Hall
Music, "Over the Vale and Hill", School
Recitation, "The Knight's Toast", Benjamin F. Smith
Recitation, Little Mabel, Bessie E. Paine
Song, "Beloved Land", School
Recitation, "Briar Rose", Alice M. Bell
Duet, Violin and Paper, Herbert Morse and Arthur Jackson
Class History, Walter F. Dennison
Class Prophecy, Annie M. Johnson
Essay, With Valedictory, "Flowers of Andover",  Hattie G. Dodson
Presentation of Diplomas
Class Song, by Miss Edith M. Higgins

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  1. I am doing historical scrapbooking and plan to use a similar program from Indiana dated Thursday May 24, 1894. Interesting stuff! They ended theirs with "Safe in the Arms of Jesus." Can you imagine that today in a public school?
    Have we progressed or regressed?

  2. Pros and cons there, for sure. Your historical scrapbooking, is it geared toward a particular person or family or is it done for the art of it?