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1930s Basketball Scorebook, 1 page of Fargo vs.Bismarck, rest Maine

The Capital Basket Ball Score Book (Revised).

The Score Book starts out with a page of Bismarck vs. Fargo at Bismarck, North Dakota, March 27. 1931.
Names include:

Bismarck: Harold Tait; John Spriggs; Eddie Agre; Wade Green; Lester Dohn; George Allen; Leo Benser; Dale Brown
Fargo: Fisher; Olson; Rasmussen; Charbonneau; Aamoth; Schollander.
Referee: Nichols; Umpire: Wyttenbach; Scorer: MacMahon; Timer: Anderson

The rest of the book deals with games played in Maine.  I have no idea how the book ended up in Maine; possibly the scorer MacMahon moved to Maine??  The games seem to be centered around Mechanic Falls, Maine, which is near the Auburn/Lewiston metropolitan area.  Many of the first Maine pages are stained where the blue ink ran.   There are pages for both boys and girls games.

Schools include: Mechanic Falls; New Gloucester; Bliss; Jay; Winthrop; South Paris; Potter Academy; Leavitt Institute; Oxford and the area

I see names such as Darling; Johnston; J. Wallace; Brooks; W. Wallace; Hall; Burns; Berry; R. Keene; B. Keene; Cole; Millett; Bryant; Harmon; Curtis; Howard; Besnson; Chase.
New Gloucester team of Sireles [?], Bunker; Chandler; Burnell; Ray; Hall
Mechanic Falls:  Bridgham; H. Kene; Robbins; Raymond; Chase; Rowe; E. Bridgham; Knight; Summerlin; Whittier; E. Jordan; Pike; Jewitt; Weston; Allen
Bliss: Marie Bonney; Evelyn Howe; Peterson; Wilkins; Henderson; Gurschick; Churchill
Jay: Berube; Hanscom; Boucher; Brochu; Holt; Robichaud; Gurschick; Robichaud; Doiron
Winthrop: Cobb; Frost; French; M. Bisson; I. Bisson; Foster; R. Aelli; Currier; C. Hedges
South Paris: Thayer; Morse; Scribner; M. Shaw; Stearns; Maxim; Shaw; Merrill; Record; Sealy; Martin
South Paris: Thayer; Morrissette; Cummings; Chandler; Penfold; Briggs; Millett
Potter Academy: L. Dollof; E. Durrell; V. Clarke; B. Ward;  E. Robbinson; D. Dollof; Burnell
Potter Academy: M. Irish; Merrifield; G. Thombs; Burnell; G. Irish
Leavitt Institute:  Additon; Willard; Reed; Sawyer; Anderson; Sias
Oxford: Holden; Stuehr; Culbert; Howe; Lord; Bonney; S. Quinn; Greenleaf; Pratt

There are many, many more names.

An interesting piece of Maine 1930s high school basketball history, with a dollop of North Dakota history thrown in!

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