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1930s Basketball Scorebook, 1 page of Fargo vs.Bismarck, rest Maine

The Capital Basket Ball Score Book (Revised).

An interesting piece of Maine 1930s high school basketball history, with a dollop of North Dakota history thrown in!

The Score Book starts out with a page of Bismarck vs. Fargo at Bismarck, North Dakota, March 27. 1931.

Bismarck: Harold Tait; John Spriggs; Eddie Agre; Wade Green; Lester Dohn; George Allen; Leo Benser; Dale Brown
Fargo: Fisher; Olson; Rasmussen; Charbonneau; Aamoth; Schollander.
Referee: Nichols; Umpire: Wyttenbach; Scorer: MacMahon; Timer: Anderson

The rest of the book deals with games played in Maine, mostly centered around Mechanic Falls, Maine, which is near the Auburn/Lewiston metropolitan area. Perhaps the scorer, MacMahon, moved from North Dakota to Maine.

Many of the first Maine pages are stained where the blue ink ran.   There are pages for both boys and girls games.

Sample page:

Schools include: Mechanic Falls; New Gloucester; Bliss; Jay; Winthrop; South Paris; Potter Academy; Leavitt Institute; Oxford and the area

Names: in order of appearance, not alphabetical

Darling; Johnston; J. Wallace; Brooks; W. Wallace; Hall; Burns; Berry; R. Keene; B. Keene; Cole; Millett; Bryant; Harmon; Curtis; Howard; Benson; Chase.

New Gloucester: Sireles [?], Bunker; Chandler; Burnell; Ray; Hall

Mechanic Falls:  Bridgham; H. Kene; Robbins; Raymond; Chase; Rowe; E. Bridgham; Knight; Summerlin; Whittier; E. Jordan; Pike; Jewitt; Weston; Allen

Bliss: Marie Bonney; Evelyn Howe; Peterson; Wilkins; Henderson; Gurschick; Churchill

Jay: Berube; Hanscom; Boucher; Brochu; Holt; Robichaud; Gurschick; Robichaud; Doiron

Winthrop: Cobb; Frost; French; M. Bisson; I. Bisson; Foster; R. Aelli; Currier; C. Hedges

South Paris: Thayer; Morse; Scribner; M. Shaw; Stearns; Maxim; Shaw; Merrill; Record; Sealy; Martin

South Paris: Thayer; Morrissette; Cummings; Chandler; Penfold; Briggs; Millett

Potter Academy: L. Dollof; E. Durrell; V. Clarke; B. Ward;  E. Robbinson; D. Dollof; Burnell

Potter Academy
M. Irish; Merrifield; G. Thombs; Burnell; G. Irish

Leavitt Institute:  Additon; Willard; Reed; Sawyer; Anderson; Sias
Oxford: Holden; Stuehr; Culbert; Howe; Lord; Bonney; S. Quinn; Greenleaf; Pratt

There are many, many more names.

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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