Sunday, May 16, 2010

Charles Twain, Washington, New Hampshire, portrait painted 1845

Portrait of Charles Twain of Washington, New Hampshire, painted August 1845 by Dr. G. G. Walker of Cincinnati, Ohio when Charles was age 29.  I saw this portrait at an antique show several years ago in Maine, and the vendor graciously allowed me to photograph it and the reproduction of the label on reverse, below.

I haven't had any luck with a cursory search online.  If you have any insights on Charles Twain or the artist Dr. G. G. Walker, please let me know.

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  1. I have a manuscript poem that Charles Twain Esquire wrote circa 1830s called The Snow" which reads as follows,
    The Snow

    The silver snow! The silvery snow!
    Like a glory it falls on the fields below,
    And the trees with their diamonds branches appear
    Like the fairy growth of some magical sphere;
    While soft as music, and mild and white,
    It glitters and floats in the pale moonlight.
    And spangles the rivers and founts as they flow:
    Oh! Who has not loved the bright beautiful snow.

    The silvery snow, and crinkling frost-
    How merry we go when the Earth seems lost;
    Like spirits that rise from the dust of time,
    To live in a purer and holier clime.
    A new creation without a stain.
    Lovely as Heaven’s own pure domain;
    But ah! Like the many fair hopes of our years,
    It glitters awhile and then melts into tears.

    By Charles Twain Esquire

    1. Omgosh, thank you so much for adding this! I love the poem; he captured the beauty of a snowy winter.