Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Autographed Cabinet Photo of Henry Grier Bryant, Arctic Explorer

Cabinet photo of Henry Grier Bryant, explorer and for many years president of the Geographic Society of Philadelphia.  Bryant, born in Pennsylvania in 1859, was the son of Walter and Ellen Adams (Henderson) Bryant.   Walter Bryant was born in New Hampshire and made his fortune in leather and lumber.  Ellen Adams Henderson was born in Pennsylvania.  I wasn't able to learn much more about them online.

Henry G. Bryant was educated as a lawyer but used his family wealth to fund his various explorations to Labrador, Greenland, the Arctic, Alaska and the Canadian Rockies.  He was on the Peary Relief Expedition to Greenland and later led the Peary Auxiliary Expedition on the Falcon, in 1894.  He wrote many articles and treatises on his explorations.

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