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June 1897 Program, Prize Speaking, City Hall, Rutland, Vermont w/ handwritten notations

Program for High School Prize Speaking, City Hall, Rutland, Vermont, Wednesday Evening, June 16, 1897.

Music - Reille's Orchestra
1.  An Old Man's Story - John Charles Hulihan
2.  Prince Eric's Christ Maid - Karin Adah Walker

Music - String Quartet
Guy F. Swinington, Mandolin
Edson T. Pollard, Banjo
Herbert H. Yarrington, Banjo
Louise Stafford, Guitar

3.  The Brighton Road Race  Edward Dana Hubbard
4.  Sister and I - Gertrude Stewart

The Twilight Star - Glee Club

5.  A Roman Soldier - Samuel Leslie Fuller
6.  Behind the Curtain - Nellie Irene Button

Piano Solo - Inez Farmer

7.  The Christian in the Arena - Samuel Thatcher Hubbard
8.  The Swan Song - Teresa Marie Toohey

Sintram's Song - Glee Club

Music - Reille's Orchestra

Awarding of Prizes:

Principal W. P. Abbott, Proctor, Vermont
Principal Z. C. Hinds, West Rutland, Vermont
Principal F. A. Wheeler, Fair Haven, Vermont

We wish to thank the following merchants for articles loaned: Mr. Frank M. Grow, Emerson Piano; Mr. L. G. Kingsley, furniture; Charles Sterns & Co, portieres; Mrs. Charles H. Miles, flowers

The handwritten notations indicate that the first prize winners were #s 7 and 8.  Second prize winners were #s 1 and 2.

If you have information on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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