Monday, May 17, 2010

Program for 4 days of Violin Recitals by pupils of A. Stanley Cayting, Bangor Maine

Undated program for several days of Violin Recitals  given by pupils of A. Stanley Cayting.  The recitals were held at the Symphony Building, 166 Union Street, May 27 and 28 and June 3 and 4, at 8 o'clock, at Bangor, Maine.   I looked online for a birth date for one of the students - Fernald Richards - and found he was born in 1901.   I'm guessing the recitals took place around the 1930s.

I found A. Stanley Cayting at Bangor in 1910 and 1930.  He appears to have been in Manhattan for the 1920  Census, perhaps at a music academy.  On the 1930 Census, he indicated he was a musician with his own studio.

Names of the students on the program:
Frank Sawyer
Sophie Pyzynski
James Katz
Helen Pyzynski
Fred Prescott
Roman Soloby
Robert Lyons
Philip Goos
Peggy Tyler
Clayton Abbott
John Clisham
Richard Ordway
Shirley MacIntosh
Paul Burke
Herbert Brill
Althea Hamlin
Mary Hayes Hayford (accompanist)
Joseph McDonough
Hildred McNeil
Frank Burke
Sam Shiro
William Curran
Merle Gilks
Orman Curtis
William Fraser
Elmer Stevens
Dorothy Jones
Alfred Schriver
Kenneth Kurson
Doris Getchell
Geneva Epstein
Rhona Gray
Helen Novak
Josephine Thompson
Irvine Grodinsky
Emily Thompson
Roberta Taylor
Irving Grodinsky & Hyman Emple [perhaps Irvine & Irving are same person, with one a misprint?]
Fred Getchell
Harold Morris
Harold Hoos
Fernald Richards
Pauline Dudley
Harold Inman
Sidney Hoos
Pauline Dudley
Eugene H. Rice

It's amazing to think that Bangor, Maine, once had a violin school of this magnitude!


  1. Stanley Cayting was one of the founders of the Northern Conservatory of Music in Bangor, Me. from the years of 1929-1972.

    Liz Vose

  2. Thanks for adding this information. Glad you found the post!