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Handwritten List of Officers & Members of Class of 1898, Rutland High School, Rutland, Vermont

Handwritten list of Class Officers and Members of the Class of 1898 at Rutland High School, Rutland, Vermont.  This was found with a couple of printed programs for Prize Speaking Contests at Rutland for June 16, 1897 and June 3, 1898, complete with handwritten notations as to the winners.  I'll be blogging about those separately later.

Class Officers:
President, Beth Bradford Gilchrist
Vice-Pres., Charlotte Capron Swinnington [spelled Swinington below]
Secy., Rest Perkins
Treas. Maude Juia Scoville

Members of the Class:
Ruth Barrett
Grace Currier
Annie Davies
Miriam Dunton
Vesta Dexter
Milly Ellis
Gertrude Foley
Beth Gilchrist
Belle Marshall
Alice Matthews
Reta Page
Louise Perkins
Rest Perkins
Florence Ross
Mabel Rustedt
Mabelle Skeeles
Charlotte Swinington
Maude Scoville
Jennie Temple
Jessie Tookey
Edith Tuttle
Charles Tuttle
Walter Nourse [not sure why he is out of alpha order - perhaps a transfer?]

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