Friday, May 14, 2010

Class of 1909 Harvard College Certificate for Wilfred Irving Butterfield Jr., Kingman and Bangor Maine

Class of 1909 Harvard College.  This is to certify that Wilfred Irving Butterfield, Sr. has this day been duly enrolled as an associate member of the "Sons of 09" and is registered on the records of the Class.
Attest:  Francis A. Harding, Secretary, Boston, Mass, Nov. 23, 1926.

See a future post that features a 1923 diary that details Butterfield's surgery at Cambridge, Massachusetts and his recuperation there and at home.

Online research shows that Wilfred Irving Butterfield was born in 1883 in Kingman, Maine, the son of Jerome and Adra Anna (Robinson) Butterfield.   He married Margaret Breck Ayer in 1916.  She was born in 1887 in Lincoln, Maine, the daughter of Horatio S. and Mary Roxanna (Ayer) Ayer.  Wilfred and Margaret had 3 children, Wilfred Irving, Jr., Jerome and Ruth.

Read more from a brief biography of him on page 235 in Maine Biographies, Volume 1, edited by Harrie B. Coe, originally published as Maine: Resources, Attractions and its People: a History, in 1928.

I'd love to know more about how Wilfred Irving Butterfield found his way from the woods of Maine to Harvard College.  I saw a brief bio indicating he went to high school in Springfield, Maine, then Phillips Academy in Exeter, New Hampshire, and on to Harvard.  He returned home after graduation from Harvard and practiced law, first in Kingman and then in Bangor.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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