Thursday, May 13, 2010

June 1898 Program, High School Public Speaking, Rutland, Vermont

Program for High School Prize Speaking, City Hall, Rutland, Vermont, Friday Evening, June 3, 1898.


Music - Reille's Orchestra

1.  The New South - George Leavitt Kirk
2.  The Bell of St. John's - Louise Childs Perkins

Vocal Duet - Go, Pretty Rose - Blanche Ethel Ballard; Belle Sterns

3.  The Boat Race - Minnie May Noyes
4.  Ursus and the Bull - Harry Barker

Music - Reille's Orchestra

5.  The Race for the Oaks - Katherine Mallary Carpenter
6.  The Martyr Spy - Lowell Delmer Kenney

Vocal Solo - Answer - Mabel Agnes Taylor

7.  Lady Maud's Oath - Milly Ellis
8.  The Hero Woman - Ruth Alice Rapson

Music - Rielle's Orchestra

Awarding of Prizes:
Prof. M. R. Sanford - Middlebury College
Prof. W. C. Doten - University of Vermont
Principal P. C. Hoyt - Middlebury, Vermont

We wish to thank the following merchants for the articles loaded: Mr. M. A. McClure, Conover Piano; Mr. L. G. Kingsley, Furniture; C. C. S. Co., Portieres; Mr. Charles H. Miles, Plants.

Handwritten notations indicate that the winners of the First Prizes were #s 5 and 6.  Winners of the Second Prizes were #s 4 and 7.

If you have information to share on any of the people mentioned above, please leave a comment for the benefit of other researchers.

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