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1870-71 Report of the Selectmen of the Town of Hampden, Maine

Report of the Selectmen of the Town of Hampden for the year 1870-71, printed by Burr's Steam Press, Bangor.  

Hampden, Maine, is located in Penobscot County, adjacent to Bangor.

I can't decipher all of the pencil scribbling at top but it's not the name of the owner of this report.  The inside front cover is blank.

Names on the page above:

Thomas Carey, Collector and Treasurer 
Isaac N. Mayo
G. Dillingham, Jr.

Names on the page above:

S. Phipps, Constable
Ray R. Cooper
N. P. Whittier
E. Clough
Elkanah Knowles
F. A. Bogart
George Joss
Thomas Carey
S. C. Whitcomb
John Leary
John and Mary Smith
Dr. B. R. Buker
Henry Pickard
William McHugh
E. H. Tibbetts
Martin and John Welch
Mrs. David Brown
Doane B. Cole
Edmund Dudley
A. D. Colson
D. Bugbee
B. A. Burr
George Joss
N. True
W. A. Davis
R. P. Leonard
G. W. Sawyer
Martin Leonard
George W. Phillips
J. C. Eveleth
Levi Holt, Jr.
G. W. Sawyer
R. G. Perkins
R. K. Stetson
D. J. Tribou
Samuel Rogers
B. F. Smith
William Miller
Eben Douglas
E. G. Wing
J. Hichbon
Joseph Clements
Crosby & Dudley
Oliver Littlefield
Allen Thompson
L. Patterson
William R. Bartlett
W. Harding
L. A. Gould

Names on the page above:

Thomas Carey, Treasurer and Collector
James H. Stuart, School Committee
S. W. Matthews, School Committee
L. A. Gould, School Committee
Jere G. Patten, Selectman and Assessor
H. L. Hopkins, Selectman and Assessor
George oss, Selectman and Assessor
S. Phipps, Constable
George G. Reed, Sexton

Names on the page above:

Daniel Patterson
Ellen and Flavilla Patterson
Henry D. Curtis
David Rice
Jackson Miller
Charles Patterson
Robert Lowe
Frank Varney
Isaiah C. Yorke
Horace Dunton
T. B. Fifield
B. F. Smith
Daniel Patterson
Samuel Homestead
H. Sylvester
E. H. Tibbetts
J. B. Moore

Names on the page above:

David Partridge
Lorenzo Knowles
Reuben Pomroy
Mary Hart
George Fogg
Chester Weld
Harding Higgins
James Dunton
Sarah J. Lewis
Joanna Page
Allen Cottle
Daniel Fogg
Joseph Wiley
Martha Cowan
Augustus Cowan
Cora E. Cowan

Names on the page above:

Daniel Patterson
Cowan children
J. G. Patten; H. L. Hopkins; George Joss; Selectmen and Overseers of the Poor

Map of Hampden, Maine:

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