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1916 Group Photo Danforth Maine High School Students

This is a group photo of students at Danforth High School, Danforth, Maine, taken June 6, 1916.  The students themselves are not identified, but handwriting on reverse, shown below, mentions the name "Angie Lee, D. H. S., D. Me." in pen.  Fainter, in pencil: "Angie Lee, Danforth, Maine, June 6, 1916".  Unfortunately, there is no indication of Angie's placement in the photograph.

Danforth is a town in Washington County, Maine, close to the border of Aroostook County, Maine, and close also to the US border with New Brunswick, Canada.  It's located about halfway between Calais and Houlton on Route 1 in an area dotted with hills and lakes and "million dollar views".

According to my brief online research, which needs to be expanded: Angie Lee, born about 1900, was the daughter of H. Stewart and Mary Mabel (Lee) Lee.  From what I've been able to gather, her parents shared a set of great grandparents: Daniel and Martha (Ash) Lee of Washington County, Maine and Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada.

Daniel was born in England abt 1757; his wife Martha Ash was a native Mainer of New Hampshire stock.  They died just over the border in the St. George area of Charlotte County, New Brunswick.  Possibly the Revolution had a bit to do with their move.  The Ash family came from the Dover, New Hampshire area, as did some of my Loyalist ancestors, some of whom also moved to the St. George area.

The Loyalism angle might be a bit of a stretch, though, as people were always moving back and forth across the border of Maine and the Maritimes.  See the website: Downeast Maine & Maritime Canada Genealogy to connect with other folks researching lines that go back and forth across this border.  I'll be uploading the photo and information there, in hopes of connecting with another researcher.

If you have any insights into the genealogy of these people, please let me know.   I'd be especially gratified if you recognize someone in the photograph.

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