Sunday, September 9, 2018

Memorial Card of Roy Delano, Who Died September 25, 1889; possibly a Maine Connection

Memorial card for Roy Delano, who died on September 25, 1889.  Unfortunately, the card bears no other clues to Roy's identity.

Interestingly, the card came with a group of photographs that included a CDV of Lila Evelyn (Cunningham) Delano and a photograph of her son Walter Alpheus Delano of Bucksport, Maine.  However, I have no way or knowing if this is a coincidence.  Lila had a son Leroy who died in 1891.  Perhaps her husband, Capt. Alpheus Delano, had an uncle or cousin by the name Roy or Leroy who died in 1889.

If you know, from research or family lore, of a Roy Delano who died on September 25, 1889, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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