Sunday, September 9, 2018

1901 Photograph of Mrs. A. E. Smith, Age 26; possibly Emma May (Buzzell) Smith of Cornfield, Maine, Wife of Arthur Ervin Smith

August 1901 photograph of a young woman identified as Mrs. A. E. Smith, age 26.  The photograph was taken by the Howe studio of Pittsfield, Maine.

Although a 5 year age difference from the identification, I wonder if she may have been Emma May (Buzzell) Smith (1879-1958), daughter of Lyman Buzzell and Rhoda Lambert (Buzzell) of Athens, Maine, and wife of Arthur Ervin Smith of Cornville, Maine.

Emma and Arthur, who may have gone by "Ervin", didn't marry until 1903, so either the identification was written at least two years before their marriage or the date given for when the photograph was taken is in error.  If written long after the fact, it's understandable that the date of the photograph and/or the woman's age might be incorrect.

Online photographs of Emma May (Buzzell) Smith as an older woman do show similarities to the woman in the photograph.

Emma is buried in the East Ridge Cemetery at Cornville, Maine, with her husband and at least one of their children.

If you have the same or similar photograph in your family collection and can shed light on Mrs. A. E. Smith's identity, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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