Tuesday, September 4, 2018

1902 Photograph of the Mitchell Family Reunion at Randolph, Maine: also Hunt, Chase, MacBurnie, Crandall

Wonderful photograph of 13 people who gathered in 1902 for a Mitchell family reunion at the home of Willis W. Chase and wife Annie (Mitchell) Chase at Randolph, Maine.

The photograph measures approximately 6-1/4" by nearly 4-1/2".

The reverse carries identifications of the people depicted on the front, with someone later adding their birth dates.

Front Row:
  • Wilfred MacBurnie, born 1899
  • Mildred Chase, born 1898
  • Florence Chase, born 1893
2nd Row:
  • Lizzie Chase, born 1890
  • Harold Chase, born 1883
  • Carrie Mitchell MacBurnie, (wife of Harry), born 1877
  • Harry D. MacBurnie; born 1871 or 1872
  • Willis W. Chase; born 1860
  • Albert (Bert) Mitchell, born 1866
Back Row:
  • Clark Mitchell, born 1836
  • Maude Crandall Mitchell (wife of "Bert"), born 1876 ?
  • Emma J. (Hunt) Mitchell (wife of Clark Mitchell), born 1837
  • Annie (Mitchell) Chase (wife of Willis Chase), born 1865

The oldest people in the photograph are Clark Mitchell and his wife Emma J. (Hunt) Mitchell, whose birth years given on the reverse are 1836 and 1837 respectively.  Clark was born in Auburn, Maine, and Emma in Lewiston, Maine. They're buried in the Evergreen Cemetery at Auburn, Maine, with two of their children who died young.

Three of their children are shown in the photograph:
  1. Annie Belle (Mitchell) Chase, wife of Willis W. Chase; they lived at Randolph, Maine.
  2. Carrie Emma (Mitchell) MacBurnie, "Carrie", wife of Harry D. MacBurnie - they lived at Auburn, Maine.
  3. Albert H. Mitchell, "Bert", husband of Maude (Crandall) Mitchell - they lived at Bushnell, Illinois.
Several grandchildren are also shown.

If you have information on any of the people shown in the photograph, please leave a comment or contact me directly.


  1. Emma is in my Family line of Mitchells from Lewiston. Thanks for sharing this.