Monday, April 6, 2015

c1920s Group Photograph of Workers at St. Croix Paper Company, Woodland, Maine - Baileyville, Maine

According to information on the reverse, this photograph was taken about the 1920s at the St. Croix Paper Company at Woodland, a village located in the town of Baileyville, Maine, in Washington County.

It seems almost as if the photographer wanted to feature the broken window - perhaps the boys had been playing a bit of sandlot ball?

The men are identified on the reverse.  There's also the name M. G. Foster written sideways on the reverse.

Front Row, left to right: Guy Potter; Joe Getz; Ernest Martel; Chick Kneeland; Everett Neil; and John Potter
Back Row, left to right: Everett Gilman; Martin Hunter; Ellis Abbott; Grandpa Potter; George Kent; Dave Clarke; and Harry Foster

Grandpa Potter might have been William B. Potter, who had sons John and Guy with wife Addie (Fickett) Potter.

 If you have information on any of the workers pictured, please leave a comment or contact me directly.

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