Thursday, April 16, 2015

1904-1905 Souvenir of District 6 School at Eliot, Maine; Photograph of Teacher Henry C. Knight

Souvenir of District Number 6, year 1904-1905; Henry C. Knight, Teacher.  The souvenir consists of two cardstock pieces, measuring about 5-1/4" by 3-1/8". tied together with ribbon.  The cover piece features a photograph of Henry C. Knight.  The second piece contains the names of Henry's pupils.

Henry C. Knight was born February 6, 1883 at Eliot, Maine, the son of Thaddeus and Sarah J. (Welch) Knight.  In 1910, Henry married Bessie M. Staples, daughter of Willard and Florence (Dixon) Staples.

Pupils, listed alphabetically as shown:

G. Oliver Athorne [George Oliver Athorne]Hilda E. Hanscom
Edgar M. BrooksMarion J. Leach
Agnes S. ColeHarold A. Morse
Hazel ColeKenneth J. Paul
Maud A. ColeMildred Paul
Marion C. CorsonHarry G. Robinson
Adelbert F. CressArnold Spinney
Elnora L. CressBessie M. Spinney
Eliot N. FernaldDorris H. Spinney
Giles FernaldEdna M. Spinney
Pauline G. FernaldJennie M. Spinney
Ruth H. FernaldLeon P. Spinney
Sidney A. Spinney

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