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1915 Graduation Program of Yarmouth High School at Yarmouth, Maine

1915 graduation program of Yarmouth High School at Yarmouth, Maine.

Graduation Exercises of Yarmouth High School Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fifteen at the First Parish Church, Yarmouth, Friday afternoon, June Eighteen at Half Past Two.

Class Motto - He Who Strives Conquers
Class Colors - Orange and Black
Music by the High School Orchestra

March - Juniors, Seniors, Faculty
Salutatory - Essay, "He Who Strives Conquers" - Ernestine Claudia Peabody
Class History - Ethel Louise Merrill
Essay - "The Power of the Will" - Nellie Dinsmore Anderson
Essay - Shipbuilding - *Maurice Linwood Hall
Songs - a. "I Hear a Thrush at Eve", Codman
             b. "The Valley of Laughter", Sanders - Marion Elizabeth Proctor
Class Oration - "The True American Citizen" - Mellen Paine Cushman

Essay - "The Land of Opportunity" - Florence Louise Joy
Essay - "Things That are Worth While" - Eva May MacLearn
Essay - "Enthusiasm" - *Caro Ethel Stubbs
Presentation of Class Gifts - Percival Ellis Maxfield; Josephine Linette Moxcey
Essay - "The Panama Canal" - Elden Hartley Bennett
Essay - "Maine as a Summer Resort" - Sumner Earl Bucknam
Essay - "Secondary Education" - Francis Bernard Kenney
Essay - "Public School Gymnasiums" - *Ruth May Russell

Essay - "The Modern Submarine" - Joseph Raymond Pullen
Essay - "Modern Engines of Destruction" - *Alfred King Woodman
Essay - "IF" - William John Carr
Essay - "The School of Everyday Life" - *Barbara MacKinnon
Class Prophecy - Harriett Lawrence Sweetser
Essay - "Preparatory School Cliques" - VALEDICTORY - Julia May Seabury
Conferring Diplomas
Singing Class Ode - Class of 1915 [written by Ernestine Claudia Peabody]



Nellie Dinsmore Anderson
Elden Hartley Bennett
Sumner Earl Bucknam
William John Carr
Mellen Paine Cushman
Maurice Linwood Hall
Florence Louise Joy
Francis Bernard Kenney
Percival Ellis Maxfield
Barbara MacKinnon
Eva May MacLearn
Ethel Louise Merrill
Josephine Linnette Moxcey
Ruth May Russell

Marion Elizabeth Proctor
Joseph Raymond Pullen
Ernestine Claudia Peabody
Julia May Seabury
Harriett Lawrence Sweetser
Caro Ethel Stubbs
Alfred King Woodman

Class Ode - Ernestine Claudia Peabody

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