Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fred Harris, to whom the 1914 "Signet" of Dexter High School, Dexter, Maine, was Dedicated

Note of January 2013: be sure to scroll to the comments section for a reader's extensive information on Fred and his family.

Photograph of young Fred Harris, to whom the 1914 Commencement issue of the "Signet" of Dexter High School at Dexter, Maine, was dedicated.

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According to his death certificate, Fred died on March 14, 1914, of general tuberculosis.  The certificate has scant information, other than that his father was farmer Charles W. Harris.

See another post for more information on the June 1914 Signet, which includes information about the graduating class, literary pieces, athletic news, alumni news, etc.


  1. This young man has been on my todo list for a while.

    Frederick Wilson Harris was born October 7, 1893, in Holbrook, Mass, son of Charles W Harris, an operative born in Holbrook, and Estella M Hollis, born in Abington [Mass], both living in Holbrook.

    Fred and his parents were living in Madison, Somerset County, Maine, in 1900 and 1910. As mentioned, Frederick died March 14, 1914, of tuberculosis. He is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Dexter, Maine. There is a picture of his headstone at

    Charles W Haris and Estella M Hollis had four children: Frederick Wilson, Wade Arman, Dorrit Josephine, and Robert Beckley.

    Wade was born in 1891 in Holbrook, Massachusetts, and was married in Portland, Maine, on October 18, 1916, to Helen C Gordon. They are on the 1930 Census of Buckfield, Maine, with a daughter Eleanor age 12, a son Wade age 8, and a daughter Anna, age 6.

    Dorrit was born in 1896 in Turner, Maine, and was married on December 4, 1920, in Auburn, Maine, to Jesse Ronald Bishop. They are on the 1930 Census of Auburn, with a daughter Barbara, age 8.

    Robert was born 1905 in Madison, Maine, and was married in 1930 in Maine to Ruby D Wagner, of Farmington. They are on the 1940 Census of Arrowsic, Maine, with a daughter Sylvia age 8, and a son James age 6.

    If you can believe the trees on, Frederick was a Mayflower descendant at least once, being descended on his mother's side from Stephen Hopkins. Thus Frederick was also a relative of my wife, who is descended from Stephen's daughter Constance:

    Jacob Cooke
    + Damaris Hopkins (b 1627, Plymouth Colony)
    (her father Stephen Hopkins was a Mayflower passenger)
    Francis Cooke (1663-1746)
    Robert Cooke (1691-1732)
    Nathaniel Cooke (1719-1758)
    Susanna Cooke (1750-1821)
    + Uriah Bartlett
    Clarissa Bartlett (1784 - 1835)
    + Rodney Beckley
    James Rodney Beckley (1815-1857)
    Maria Merritt Beckley (1876-1870)
    + Edwin Francis Hollis (1844-1871)
    Estella Maria Hollis (1869-1937)
    + Charles W Harris (1867-1937)
    Frederick Wilson Harris

  2. Thanks for this extensive information, Ed. Thankfully Fred's sibilings survived WWI and the Spanish Flu and went on to provide Fred's parents with plenty of grandchildren, but I'm sure Fred was never far from their thoughts.