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1880s/1890s Autograph Album of Erin Irene Duff of Chicago, Illinois

1880s/1890s autograph album of Erin Irene Duff of Chicago, Illinois.

Many of the pages were signed by Erin's classmates at the Raymond School.   At the end of the album Erin wrote the names of all of her classmates.  [image farther below]

The album is approximately 6-1/4" x 4" and contains the sentiments of nearly 30 of Erin's relatives and friends, though some of them may be duplicates.  An alphabetical list of the signers appears at the end of this post.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections and additions welcome!]

Erin Irene Duff was born 27 July 1871 at Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of George and Ellen "Nellie" (Scanlan, according to the Chicago birth records of her children) Duff, who were born, according to records, either in Ireland or Scotland, so possibly Northern Ireland.

The 1880 Census gives George Duff's occupation as building engineer.  He may have been involved with the water supply of Chicago or a city in the area.  

Several of Erin's siblings, some of whom didn't identify themselves by name, signed pages in her album.   Naomi Duff, born 25 November 1880 at Chicago, Illinois, signed at least two pages, one of them in 1890.

Norman Charles Duff, born 8 December 1873 at Chicago, Illinois, signed a page in 1890.  

Erin's brother Edward, born 18 January 1879 [according to his birth record] or 18 January 1878 [according to what he entered on his World War I draft registration card], at Chicago, Illinois, signed a page when he was three years old, probably with a bit of help.

As noted above, many of Erin's schoolmates signed pages in her album.  She listed the names of her fellow graduates on the inside back cover.  From an 1887 annual report of Chicago, I saw that the Raymond School was located on Thirty-Seventh Street.

The graduates listed above, not in alphabetical order.  Most of them signed pages in Erin's album.

Anna Abel
Anna Wolf
Annie Schneider
Maggie Mehren 
Mamie Armstrong
Guy Orendoff [Orndorff]
Nellie Wilkins
Hannah Rosenbaum
Maggie Manning
Bessie Mallory
Myra Whiting
John Jack
Charles Weller
Ray Hammond
Charles Safford
James Edgeworth
Frank Strawbridge
Minnie Pulham
Flora Marks
Herbert Rice
Selina Seeleman
Edwin Duffett
Rissa Beers
Hattie Rowland
Erin Duff

On 14 March 1894, Erin Irene Duff married dentist Charles W. Upp, who was born about January 1865 in Illinois.  Dr. Upp had graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Dental School in 1886.  His practice was located at 3104 Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

I believe that Charles W. Duff was the son of contractor Henry H. Upp and wife Charlotte (Thomas) Upp of Freeport, Illinois, but I'd like verification of that.

The couple had one child, a daughter Charlotte born 19 March 1895.  Erin Irene (Duff) Upp died in 1927.  

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or information on any of the signers listed below, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

List of signers:   [Note: given names within a specific surname may not be in alphabetical order.]

  • Hannah, signed on March 16, 1885; Erin's schoolmate
  • Anna Abel, signed on March 16, 1885; Raymond School; Eighth Grade
  •  Mamie Armstrong of Chicago, Illinois, signed on March 17, 1885  
  • Rissa G. Beers, signed March 17, 1885; Class of 1885"; Raymond School; Erin's schoolmate
  • Erin Duff of Chicago Illinois, signed on November 24, 1884; album owner
  • Naomi; presumably Erin's younger sister Naomi Duff
  • Norman Duff, signed in 1890; Erin's brother
  • Your Sister
  • Erin's Sister
  • Eddie, 3 years old; Erin's younger brother Edward, born about 1879
  • Naomi Duff, signed in 1890; Erin's younger sister, born about 1881
  • Erin's sister
  • Naomi Duff, signed in 1890; Erin's younger sister
  • E. W. Duffett of Chicago, Illinois, signed on March 24, 1885; 
  • James Edgeworth of Raymond School; Class of 1885; Erin's schoolmate
  • Bessie A. Mallory of Chicago, Illinois, signed on March 17, 1885
  • Margaret H. Manning of Chicago, Illinois, signed on March 16, 1885; "Eclipsed"
  • Flora R. Marks, signed on March 23, 1885; Erin's schoolmate; Class of '85
  • Guy B. Orndorff of Room One
  • Herbert Rice; signed at the Raymond School on Chicago, Illinois, on April 2, 1885; eighth grade; Erin's schoolmate
  • John G. Sack, signed on April 1, 1885; Erin's schoolmate
  • Annie Schneider, signed at Chicago, Illinois, at the Raymond School, Eighth Grade; Erin's schoolmate
  • Fred Schneider, signed on April 12, 1885
  • Celine Seeleman, signed on March 17, 1885; Erin's schoolmate
  • Charles F. Weller of Room No. 1, Class of '85', Raymond School, signed on April 2, 1885
  • Myra A. Whiting of Chicago, Illinois; "Class of '85"
  • Nellie M. Wilkins of Chicago, Illinois, signed on March 17, 1885
  • Anna Wolf of Chicago, Illinois, signed on March 16, 1885 at the Raymond School

Chicago, Illinois

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