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Dec 1856 Issue of the New Hampshire Journal of Medicine

The New - Hampshire Journal of Medicine, George H. Hubbard, M.D., Editor & Proprietor.  Vol. VI, No. 12

Noah Martin, M.D.                       A. B. Crosby, M.D.
John E. Tyler, M.D.                      Dixi Crosby, M.D.
George B. Twitchell, M.D.           E. R. Peaslee, M.D. of N.H.
S. G. Jarvis, M.D.                         John T. Gilman, M.D., Maine
Adoniram Smalley, M.D.              Alfred Hitchcock, M.D.
J. S. Fernald, M.D.                        George W. Garland, M.D., Maine 
W. H. H. Mason, M.D.                  Daniel Campbell, M.D.
S. Webber, M.D.                           Ariel Hunton, M.D.
Albert Smith, M.D.                        E. E. Phelps, M.D., Vermont

Printed at Manchester, New Hampshire, by William H. Fisk & Co., Printers, No. 85 Merchants' Exchange

Images of all of the pages appear at the end of this post.

There are several pages of advertisements in the front of the journal and in back.  The advertisers: 

  • E. H. Rollins, Druggist and Apothecary at the Old Stand, Opposite the Capitol, Concord, New Hampshire
  • Artificial Legs, Palmer's Patent, Manufactured at Springfield, Massachusetts; 378 Broadway, New York; and 376 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, by Palmer & Co.
  • Lewis's Improved Portable Syringe, by Thomas Lewis, Boston
  • New Medical Lexicon, by Longley Brothers, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Dr. McMunn's Elixir of Opium, A. B. & D. Sands, Wholesale Druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William street, N.Y.
  • George & Co., Apothecaries & Druggists, No. 68 Elm, Corner of Hanover Street, Manchester, N.H.
  • London Porter, Leeches, Burnett's Cod Liver Oil, E. C. George, J. S. Kidder, E. W. Blake
  • American Steam Printing Works, No. 85 Merchants' Exchange, William H. Fisk & Co.  Job Printer, No. 4, Methoditt [apparently the proof reader was out that day] Church Block, Manchester, N.H.

Below:  The first article is entitled "Foreign Bodies in the Knee-Joint" and was written by Alph. B. Crosby, AM., M.D.   Dated November, 1856, at Dartmouth Medical College at Hanover, New Hampshire.

The author was Alpheus Benning Crosby, M.D., son of Dixi Crosby, M.D., also one of the collaborators named on the cover.  

From online research, I found that Dixi Crosby was born 7 February 1800 at Sandwich, New Hampshire, son of Asa and Betsey (Hoit) Crosby.  He married Mary Jane Moody, daughter of Stephen and Frances (Coffin) Moody.  Their first child was Albert Harrison Crosby; their second was the above-mentioned Alpheus Benning Crosby, born 2 February 1832 at Hanover, New Hampshire.  Alpheus married Mildred Glassell Smith.  I believe they had three children.

Below:  The second article is entitled "On Inflammation of the Uterus, and Induration and Ulceration of the Neck of That Organ", by George W. Garland, M.D.  Dated September 21, 1856, at Lawrence, Massachusetts.

From online research, I found that Dr. George W. Garland was Dr. George Waterhouse Garland, born 3 January 1813 at Barnstead, New Hampshire, son of Isaac and Lydia (Babb) Garland.  On 7 October 1840 at Brunswick, Maine, George Waterhouse Garland married Elizabeth Bowker, daughter of Washington and Elizabeth (Minot) Bowker.   

At the time of the 1850 Census, he, Elizabeth and their two children were living at Gilford, New Hampshire.  Apparently they had moved to Massachusetts by 1856, as the notation on the cover of this journal suggests.  The 1860 Census of Lawrence, Massachusetts, shows the family living there, with Dr. Garland's occupation listed as M.D.  Daughter Annie Elizabeth Garland married Dr. Cyrus Nathaniel Chamberlain.  Son George Minot Garland became a physician.  George Waterman Garland died 5 May 1881.  

Below: An article entitled "Case of Parotitis in Continued Fever", by S. W., dated November 10, 1856 at Charlestown, New Hampshire.

Below: Article entitled "Medical Examination at Dartmouth College".  Signed E. R. P.  Doctors mentioned: Dr. W. H. H. Mason of Moultonbough; Dr. H. Pierce of Winchester
Graduates, their residences and subject of their theses:
  • Edwin Tracy Atwood; Claremont; pneumonitis
  • Enoch Blanchard; Peacham, Vermot; Duties and Responsibilities of the Physician
  • William B. Cobb; Limington, Maine; Enteric Fever of the West
  • Charles G. Corey; Jaffrey; Peritonitis
  • Carlton P. Frost; Hanover; The Diastaltic System
  • David M. Goodwin; Tunbridge, Vermont; Tetanus
  • Norman S. Goss; Lower Waterford, Vermont; Diabetes Melitus
  • Charles H. Hunt; Gilford; Erysipelas
  • Paul Merrill; Augusta, Maine; Dementia
  • James S. O'Donnell; Francestown; Typhoid Fever
  • Charles L. Roudanez; New Orleans, Louisiana; Shoulder Presentations
  • Joseph H. Sanborn; Concord; Rheumatism

Other articles:
  • Transactions of the Illinois Medical Society - names: Samuel Thompson, M.D.; David Prince, M.D.; N. S. Davis, M.D.
  • Transaction of the New Hampshire Medical Society - names: Dr. Adoniram Smalley of Lyme; E. H. Parker, M.D.; Albert Smith, M.D. of Peterborough; W. H. H. Mason of Moultonborough; Albert Smith, M.D.; P. A. Stackpole, M.D., of Dover
  • The Artificial Leg Reporter and Surgical Adjuvant - name: E. D. Hudson, M.D.
  • Restoring the Drowned - names: Marshall Hall; Dr. Bell of Massachusetts
  • Treatment of Carbuncle - names: Prof. Syme; Dr. Blackman of Cincinnati
  • Extract of Belladonna
  • Digitalis in Menorrhagia
  • End of an Ill-Chosen Career - Dr. Ramsey, confined in the jail at Sparta, Alabama, on a charge of forgery on the Pension Ofice, committed suicide on the 27th, ult., as stated in the Savannah Georgian.  Quite a long article.
  • The Uses of Glycerine for the Preservation of Organic Bodies
  • Poisoning by Chloroform
  • Hemoptsis
The issues in their entirety:


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