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1889/1890s Autograph Album with Signers from the Gardiner, Maine, area

1889/1890s autograph album with signers from the Gardiner, Maine, area and Peabody, Massachusetts.

The album is approximately 8-1/2" x 5-1/2 and contains only 5 signed pages.  The pages below are shown in the alphabetical order of the signers.

V. Louisa Chisam of North Whitefield, Maine, signed on January 25, 1892.  She was Viroqua Louisa Chisam, born 1 January 1867 at Whitefield, Maine, daughter of John and Mary Elizabeth (King) Chisam.  She would marry Frank T. Yeaton, son of Asa H. and Caroline W. (Mooers) Yeaton, at Wenham, Massachusetts, on 12 October 1905.

Gertrude M. Ham of Peabody, Massachusetts, signed on June 27, 1890.

Josephine Kealey of East Pittston, Maine, signed on January 17, 1890.  Josephine was born 30 May 1868 and died 3 December 1927.  I believe she was the daughter of John and Ellen M. (Doyle) Kealy, the spelling on their headstone.

Ella A. Peacock of Gardiner, Maine, signed at Chelsea, Maine, on June 18, 1897.  Ella Ann Peacock was born 10 August 1871 at Gardiner, Maine, the daughter of John W. and Anvella M. (Foss) Peacock.

Emma D. Peacock of Gardiner, Maine, signed at Chelsea, Maine, on May 15, 1889.  Emma D. Peacock was the daughter of Daniel B.and Thankful N. (Curtis) Peacock.  Sadly, Emma died at age 21 on 4 October 1889 at Gardiner, Maine.

If you have information on any of the signers, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Gardiner, Maine [showing Pittston, Chelsea and Whitefield]

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