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1908 Journal of Cross Country Trip, kept by Joseph Burnham Wardwell Grindell of Mt. Tom, Massachusetts and Maine

Small journal, approximately 5-3/4" x 3-3/4", kept by Joseph Burnham Wardwell Grindell as he took a trip from Massachusetts to California and back in 1908.

Joseph Burnham Wardwell Grindell was born 22 August 1845 at Penobscot, Maine, son of Thomas Burnham Grindell and Mary Ann (Wardwell) Grindell.  The surname appears variously as Grindle and Grindall.

Joseph married twice:
  1. Eva Lambert, on 1 January 1880 at Brewer, Maine.  Eva was the daughter of Alfred S. and Catherine (Moran) Lambert; she died in 1903.
  2. Evelyn H. (Cousens) Hutchings, on 3 December 1913.  She was the daughter of Francis and Mary Ann (Robertson) Cousens and widow of Albion T. Hutchings; she survived Joseph.  I don't know if Joseph had children with either wife.
He lived for some time at Mount Tom, Massachusetts, where he was the foreman in a lumbering operation, but he apparently moved back to Blue Hill, Maine, either before or as a result of his marriage to Evelyn.

Left Greenfield Tuesday, February 25, 1908.

Mentions Patrick H. Hurley and William B. Ginty of the Cambridge Police Department who were on the same train headed to Sacramento to return a prisoner to Cambridge.

Gives the address of A. B. Milne and M. Milne of the Royal Worcester Company, 640 Broadway, New York City.

Mentions Charles Weil, F. and A.M., Elko, Nevada; and William Letson and Wife

Mentions the ruins in the aftermath of the 1906 earthquake and all the improvements.

The journal has a few names and addresses in the back:
  • George E. Emery of 18 Water Street, Randolph, Maine
  • Dr. L. T. Page, who may have been 
  • Mr. Frank Lambert of Van Buren, Maine
  • Mrs. George C. Austin of Ellsworth Falls, Maine
  • N. L. Grindell of South Penobscot
  • Ralph B. Cushman, Box 85, Ellsworth, Maine
  • Florence Labry [not sure of surname], 107 State Street
  • John D. Crabb, 10 Allen Place, Northammpton, Massachusetts
  • Seth L. Gilbert, 24 Greenfield Street, Hartford, Connecticut
  • C. F. Phelps of Tilton, New Hampshire
  • ?. W. Reid, Tel. Dorchester Station, Dorchester 1640, Massachusetts
  • 14 Marion St., Wollaston, Massachusetts, Tel. Quincy 473-4
  • Plant at Neponset, Massachusetts

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