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1909/1910 Autograph Album of Hazel G. Miller of Union, Maine

1909/1910 autograph album that I believe belonged to Hazel G. Miller of Union, Maine, if not her younger sister Merle H. Miller.

The album is approximately 8" x 5" and has suffered water damage, which is visible on all of the pages.  An early accident might account for why the album has only four signed pages.

I'm guessing that the album belonged to Hazel G. Miller as her father Delwin Miller and older brother Clyde Raymond Miller signed pages.  The other two pages were signed by two young women, one of whom gave her full name.  Research indicates that she was closer in age to Hazel than to Hazel's younger sister Merle.

Delwin Miller signed a page at Union, Maine, on February 15, 1910.  He attached a Victorian scrap to the page.

Delwin's son Clyde R. Miller signed a page on December 25, 1909, suggesting that this album might have been a Christmas present.

Berniece Cunningham of Union, Maine, signed a page on January 1, 1910.  She may have been the daughter of William and Mary E. (Cooper) Cunningham, who married Harold Elwood Dow.

The other signer signed a page at South Union, Maine, on August 5, 1910.  The name runs off the page, but I believe the signer was Mary, or May or Marg or something similar.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]  

Hazel G. Miller was born 5 April 1894 at Rockport, Maine, the daughter of Delwin and Fanny Helena (Davis), "Lena", Miller, who were born at Appleton, Maine, and Liberty, Maine, respectively.  

Sometime between the 1910 and 1920 Census, Hazel G. Miller married Ralph Adelbert Miller, son of Granville G. and Annie May (Dolham ?) Miller.  Ralph was born 11 February 1893 at Union, Maine.

By 1920, the couple was living at Gardner, Massachusetts, where Ralph was working as a chauffeur.  Earlier, on his World War I draft registration card, he had indicated that he was an attendant at the Gardner State Colony, then, I think, an estabishment for the mentally ill.

By 1930, the couple was back in Knox County, Maine, at Warren, where they were farming.  Hazel's widowed mother and younger sister Merle were living with them or were next door.  The 1940 of Warren, Maine, Census showed that all four of them were living together or in adjacent households.

Eventually Ralph and Hazel moved to Rockland, Maine.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or addition on Berniece Cunningham, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Union, Maine

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