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1914 Commencement Issue of the "Signet" of Dexter High School at Dexter, Maine

1914 "Commencement" issue of the Signet, the literary publication of Dexter High School at Dexter, Maine.

See another post that features a photograph and write-up about lost classmate Fred Harris, who died of tuberculosis in March of 1914.  

See another post that features the 1913 Commencement issue of the Signet

The graduating class:

Lawrence Bailey
Erma Brockway
Cliford Call
Edith Crawford
Marion DuBourdieu
Marion Folsom
Carl Gordon
Maybelle Haines
Vina Hayden
Carrie Holt
Mabelle Jewett
Harlow Mosher
Doris Nichols
Marjorie Parker
Joseph Rand
Ferne Ross
Mabell Tario
Howard Widdoes
Gladys York

A commencement is program incorporated into the issue:

*Salutatory, Mabelle Ethelyn Jewett
*Essay, "Thomas A. Edison", Howard Vincent Widdoes
History, Gladys York
Oration, "Sacrifices for the Promotion of Science", Carl Damar Gordon
Essay, "Helen Keller", Marjorie Parker
Prophecy, Marion Folsom
Essay, "Some Recent Inventions", E. Clifford Call
Poem, "The Legend of the Wandering Jew", Charlotte Ferne Ross
†Essay, "Clara Barton", Carrie M. Holt
Presentation of Gifts, Joseph Rand
Essay, "Mrs. Lillian M. N. Stevens", Edith Crawford
Valedictory, Marion DuBourdieu
Class Ode, written by Doris Nichols

*Tied for second honor

Senior Statistics:    

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  1. I enjoyed the 1914 Signet from Dexter, Maine. Thanks for posting that. I recognized many of the names. I knew a few of those people and knew many of their children and grandchildren. I was born and raised in Dexter, graduated from Dexter High School, and I appear in a much later edition of The Signet.

    - Dick Eastman

  2. Thanks, Dick! I've got more of them and will work my way through them in the next month or so, in between other things. All from the same era, but not all commencement issues. Dexter brings to my mind: lakes, Reny's and the killer field hockey teams my daughter faced.

  3. Thank you for posting this. My grandmother Gladys York is in the photo of the graduating class. We have that photo but is fun seeing it here online.