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Photograph of little Dorothy Marguerite Austin, born 1900 at Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Photograph of a young child identified on the reverse as Dorothy Marguerite Austin, likely the Dorothy who was the child of druggist Burton Roswell Austin and Emma Bertha (Sears) Austin of Old Orchard Beach, Maine, and later Gardiner, Maine.

From online research, hopefully correct: [corrections and additions welcome!]

Dorothy Marguerite Austin was born 18 August 1900 at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, the daughter, as noted above, of Burton Roswell Austin and Emma Bertha (Sears) Austin, who were born at Addison, Maine, and in Windsor County, Vermont, respectively.

Dorothy's paternal grandparents were Edward Artell Austin and Arabella R. (Gage) Austin, who were born at Addison, Maine, and Columbia, Maine, respectively.

Her maternal grandparents were Edward Burton Sears and Frances M. (Donoghue) Sears, who were born at Thomaston, Maine, and Windsor, Vermont, respectively.

In the 1930 Census, Dorothy was living in the home of her parents and was working as a stenographer at a hardware store.  Her parents were operating a dairy farm.

On 4 November 1935, Dorothy married Joseph Basil McNamara, son of John and Mary (McDonald) McNamara.  Joseph was born 7 May 1904 at Gardiner, Maine.

They lived at Gardiner, Maine, and had at least one child, a daughter.  Joseph died in 1970 and Dorothy in 1994.

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Old Orchard Beach, Maine

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Gardiner, Maine

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