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Obituary of Jonathan Silliman, Class of 1817, in 1885 Yale College Obituary Record

Obituary of Jonathan Silliman included in the June 1885 edition of the Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale College.  He was for many years a minister at Cornwall, New York.

The last few pages of this booklet are a Summary of the deceased graduates and an index, all pages of which appear at the end of this post.


Jonathan Silliman was born in Chester, Conn., July 22, 1793, and died in Cornwall, N.Y., May 13, 1885, aged nearly 92 years.  He was the son of Deacon Thomas and Huldah (Dunk) Silliman, and the grandson of the Rev. Robert Silliman (Y.C. 1737)

He studied theology in Andover Seminary, teaching meantime for one year in Phillips Academy, and finishing his professional studies in 1821.  He soon went South and labored as a home missionary in eastern Virginia, being ordained on October 8, 1823.  In 1830 he was settled over the Presbyterian Church in New Kent, Va., and on September 5, 1832, he married Anna, daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Amzi Armstrong, of Perth Amboy, N.J., and widow of Mr. Jared Mead; she was a women of remarkable intelligence.  As both his own and his wife's health suffered from the Virginia climate, they returned to the North in 1835, and in the same year he was installed over the Canterbury Presbyterian Church in Cornwall, Orange County, N.Y., where he labored in the ministry until his voluntary retirement in 1862.  He continued his residence among his former people, and his benign presence was felt as a benediction.

His wife died January 24, 1882.  Their only child, a colonel in the Union army, died at Beaufort, S.C., in 1864.

From online research, hopefully correct:  [corrections and additions welcome!]

Their son was William Silliman, born 18 October 1837 at Canterbury (now known as Cornwall), New York.  He married Mary Louise FitzRandolph on 18 March 1864 and died of wounds a few months later on 17 December 1864 at Beaufort, North Carolina, while a colonel with the 26th Infantry Regiment U.S. Colored Troops.  I don't believe they had any children, and it appears that Mary Louise never remarried.


Augustus H. Abernethy, Class of 1864

Adolph Asher, Class of 1872

Robert M. Baker, Class of 1856

T. Jefferson Bassett, Class of 1853
Henry C. Beardslee, Class of 1826
Lewis S. Benedict, Class of 1834
Michael D. Benedict, Class of 1836
Theodore H. Benedict, Class of 1840
Frederick N. Bennett, Class of 1841
James Berdan, Class of 1824
George W. Blagden, Class of 1823
David Booth, Class of 1819
Marius Brandegee, Class of 1843
C. Lewis Brent, Class of 1849
Daniel Chadwick, Class of 1845
Henry Childs, Class of 1846
James H. Clendenin, Class of 1872
George H. Coffey, Class of 1859
Thomas Cowles, Class of 1829
S. Sherwood Day, Class of 1827
Sherman Day, Class of 1826
John DeForest, Class of 1826
James T. Dickinson, Class of 1826
Richard V. Dodge, Class of 1840
George B. Dusinberre, Class of 1855
Aaron R. Dutton, Class of 1837
Barnabas M. Fay, Class of 1833
George W. Fisher, Class of 1859
Samuel A. Fisk, Class of 1844
Samuel H. Fletcher, Class of 1824
Thomas E. Franklin, Class of 1828
William Frazier, Class of 1832
Theodore Gilbert, Class of 1825
George Goodyear, Class of 1824
John M. Gordon, Class of 1830
George M. Hanners, Class of 1823
Winthrop B. Hawks, Class of 1882
Thomas R. Hubbard, Class of 1829
William Hutchison, Class of 1854
Joseph H. Isham, Class of 1865
Thomas H. Jackson, Class of 1850
Barclay Johnson, Class of 1882
Ross Johnston, Class of 1870
Francis E. Kernochan, Class of 1861
Alfred Lambert, Class of 1843
Frank A. Langworthy, Class of 1872
Cortland L. Latimer, Class of 1832
Edward A. Lawrence, Class of 1884
James N. Lea, Class of 1834
Charles A. Lewis, Class of 1829
Allyn C. Loomis, Class of 1883
Oliver E. Lyman, Class of 1876
Darius Mead, Class of 1828
Timothy T. Merwin, Class of 1827
Charles L. Mills, Class of 1835
Hiram Moses, Class of 1825
George C. Murray, Class of 1845
William Norton, Class of 1829
John J. Orton, Class of 1842
Lewis R. Packard, Class of 1856
Francis H. Palmer, Class of 1847
David C. Perry, Class of 1833
Stephen T. Robinson, Class of 1827
Charles M. Runk, Class of 1845
William H. Russell, Class of 1833
Murray C. Shoemaker, Class of 1864
Benjamin Silliman, Class of 1837
Jonathan Silliman, Class of 1817
Elbert J. Smith, Class of 1847
Charles G. Southmayd, Class of 1856
John B. Staples, Class of 1827
Hezekiah Sturges, Class of 1841
Frank H. Taylor, Class of 1878
John L. Taylor, Class of 1835
Chauncey M. Thompson, Class of 1854
Albert Todd, Class of 1836
Charles Tracy, Class of 1832
Alexander C. Twining, Class of 1820
David A. Tyler, Class of 1844
Leonidas C. Vinal, Class of 1880
Jonathan Wales, Class of 1871
Jacob K. Warner, Class of 1850
D. Ellis Willes, Class of 1850
William L. Williamson, Class of 1853
Leonard Withington, Class of 1814
Dexter Witter, Class of 1824
J. Hampden Wood, Class of 1866
Robert W. Wright, Class of 1842
Edward Wurts, Class of 1832

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