Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Photograph of Betsy Chesley Hartwell; by a Lyndonville, Vermont, studio

Photograph of an elderly woman identified on the reverse as Betsy Chesly Hartwell.  The photograph was taken by a Lyndonville, Vermont, studio.

From online research, I believe this woman is Betsy (Chesley) Hartwell, born 7 August 1838 in Vermont.  Originally I had thought the woman in the photograph was born earlier than 1838, but perhaps the photograph is younger than I originally assumed.

One of several online trees has a photograph of this particular Betsy (Chesley) Hartwell, taken when she was perhaps twenty years or so years younger, and I can see a resemblance.  Hopefully it's not just a family resemblance.

Betsy's parents were Joel and Betsy (Jenness) Chesley, born in Barrington, New Hampshire, and Sheffield, Vermont, respectively.

Betsy married George Alfred Hartwell, son of Rufus and Nancy (Haynes) Hartwell.  George was born 23 November 1835 at Colebrook, New Hampshire.  Betsy and George settled at Compton, Quebec, and raised, I believe, six children.

If you have corrections and/or additions to the information above, or if you feel the the woman in the photograph is a different Betsy Chesley [or Chesly] Hartwell, please leave a comment or contact me directly.  Thanks!

Lyndonville, Vermont [A] and Compton, Quebec [B]

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  1. I too am descended from Rufus Hartwell, but from Lucinda Burch, his second wife. My wife Louise Pilon Graham maintains our genealogy tree. I you have more information on Rufus Hartwell I would appreciate knowing it. David Graham,

    1. Wish I had something for you, but all of my info comes from the Internet, and you've most likely already seen it. If you notice errors in the blog post, please let me know!